Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Flipboard came up with Ellen Lesperance this morning – a feminist artist who makes art out of, among other things, knitting schematics. I can't find a suitable link for you. Google her name and look at the images on offer. She's interesting.

With the cat, we seem to have achieved the status quo ante. That is, she talks to us as before, and we will never know whether she has forgiven me in her furry heart. As before, she puts no weight on her right front leg (although she employs it for non-weight-bearing activities, such as knocking light-weight things about) and is in heat. We're back to where we were on Monday morning, in fact, and very glad of it.

She is getting very adroit at hopping about three-legged.

I have suddenly realised that 2016 is hurtling along and that my long-anticipated respite break is nearly with us – not this weekend but next. So I must return to the income tax and get it filed. And buy tickets. And make lists.

On and on I go around the border of the Dunfllandy blankie. I've done nearly four inches, out of a projected five and a half. I finished a skein yesterday, and wound the next one, and failed to find the additional one which I remain pretty sure is here somewhere. A few miscellaneous skeins of delicious reds escaped the Bonfire of the Vanities, a.k.a. my recent stash-reduction. Could one of them be used for the final bit of border?

I forgot to recommend to all, yesterday, Mary Lou's pointer to Arne and Carlos' video about How to Make a Hat. It is not both of them, it is only Arne (I think), who is (I think), of the two, the more serious knitter. It is full of the artless charm in which they so brilliantly specialise, and includes some serious tips about hat-knitting.

I didn't get to the local yarn shop that time in the summer when they were there. Maybe you noticed. I was free to go – my husband was still in hospital then, and their appearance didn't overlap my daily visiting time. But I lacked the oomph.


  1. I don't believe cats bear grudges. So all should be well.

  2. I liked that 96 is a good number for hats. I was casting on 100 yesterday and wondered if I should change it.

  3. That was a marvelous video. I missed Arne & Carlos when they came to Seattle in 2014 but they are coming again next October. I'll try to be there.

  4. Hi Jean! I think another color for your border would be pretty!
    I'm glad that Perdita has forgiven you.

  5. Carol, San Diego CA7:14 PM

    Yes thanks Mary Lou for 96-Stitch Hat; seeing/hearing Arne's is fun. I also loved their Christmas tree decoration video.
    Relieved to know Perdita only sprained her foot - poor girl. My Oliver cat blew an ACL on right knee, $3K surgery/vet bills, 10 weeks to heal and he DID hold a grudge for 2 more weeks - deservedly so.
    Ravelry: some people added color to their Dunfallandy borders, i.e. Sweet Lorraine. Jean, I can't wait to see photos of your blanket!
    BTW: am now a fan of Lesperance - thank you for the tip about her.

  6. I so love Arne and Carlos' relaxed approach to knitting. Thanks for the link. I watched the. Crafting an angel too, food for thought for next Christmas! Glad to hear Perdita has you back in her good books.