Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Perdita hasn't appeared this morning. I hope that means that she is still somewhere in the bed. My husband's first carer will be here soon, and we'll find out.

The socklady has posted a brief blog entry from her hospital bed. She seems to be having exactly what I did last summer – blood clots in right leg and chest – and to be having it worse. I was only three nights in hospital, I think, and have been more or less tottering about on my feet ever since.

I think I need to take a picture of the Dunfallandy blankie today, for my sake as much as yours, to help me decide about border width.

Here's what I wrote last night:

It turns out that Perdita's leg is badly sprained, not broken. A great deal of expense to discover that I was more or less right to neglect her – but of course it might have been otherwise. After she came home, she spent the afternoon sitting in corners growling quietly. She would hiss and spit and strike out at me if I tried even to scratch an ear.

One of her most endearing qualities – one of her few endearing qualities – has been her fondness for human society. She has always wanted to be where people are, often assisting in their endeavours, sometimes just sleeping in their presence (on their preferred chairs, where possible). I feared for a while today that she might have lost that forever, would never again come to "kitty, kitty" or sleep in a conspicuous spot so I didn't have to worry about where she was.

But she has gone to bed with my husband so maybe we will be forgiven. Maybe she will trust us again. Poor little beast. I am supposed to take her back to the vet to be checked up on next week. I may not do that. We'll see.


Round and round I go (on the border of the Dunfallandy blankie). I will soon – maybe today – need to go on to the next skein. I feel sure that there are two more, but I can only find one. The search for the second has turned up a number of useful discoveries: things which were put neatly away to make the room tidy for Christmas -- but not the skein in question. It's not a world-shaking loss. I got this yarn from Loop, I think, and with any luck they should be able to send one more skein. And madtosh doesn't have dye lots.

We're having a series on television about Scottish Art. (I thought we had just had one – but this seems to be new.) There was a lot in the first episode about carved stones, but I don't think Dunfallandy was mentioned. I was mostly in the kitchen washing up, so couldn't swear to that.


  1. From experience an injured animal will hide to sleep in the safest place by instinct for the avoidance of predators, Perdita will be doing that until her leg heals up, she may be a little skittish for a while but she is bonded to you as her first carer/slave while your husband was in hospital and she should instinctively return to that bond when she feels better. Additionally if she is in heat that will disrupt her normal behaviour, spaying would solve that problem and make for a calmer life for you all!

  2. Nice soothing round and round. I'm working on a sweater in the round, the stockinette part. Nice and mindless.

  3. Poor little Perdita. It sounds like your husband likes her, too. I'm glad she's okay. Knit on.

  4. Between being in heat, the pot crashing down, her pain, a trip to the vet, and anesthesia I'm not surprised Perdita is feeling out of sorts. But I bet she'll get back to her normal self in a while. And sleeping in the bed is a good start. (For my 2 cents, I'd skip the vet recheck unless things get worse.)
    Knit on!

  5. Perdita should come around soon. Her leg really did need to be checked out. Please consider spaying her. If she's not going outside (where nothing good ever happens to a cat), she would be calmer and happier.