Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Socklady reports via Facebook that she is soon to be moved to a smaller hospital nearer home. Good news. She's been in a fortnight already. She must have had it worse than I did.

Brooklyn Tweed has a winter lookbook out. Nothing that makes me want to throw down the needles and start again right this moment, but some nice things, and, predictably, some wonderful photography.

Perdita seems to have settled into life as a three-legged cat. It stops her reaching the very highest places, which is something of a blessing. She is as wicked as ever, and almost as frisky. She thinks a bit more carefully than she used to, before she jumps. We are back in her good graces.

(I've got a picture for you but Blogger won't paste it in.)

I gave up. I ordered another skein of madtosh Vintage "Tart" from Loop. Now I'll find the mssing one, no doubt. The border is very near the required 5 1/2". I'll go on with it today, aiming for the prescribed 40 rounds (meaning 20 increase rounds). I'm a couple of rounds short of that.

The pattern doesn't make clear whether "40 rounds or 5 1/2" means "whichever happens first" or "as you prefer".


Yes, I liked Arne's line about 96 stitches being just right for a hat (link yesterday). Your 100 stitches are also divisible by 4, Mary Lou – but 96 stitches are divisible by 4 an even number of times. Is that the difference? The other bit I liked was the passage about knitting with three colours. One might have expected some fancy Scandinavian fingerwork beyond the capacities of most – but no. He dropped the yarns and picked them up as needed, just like you and me.

Carol, I'm glad you like Lesperance (artist mentioned yesterday). I'd like to see her work in real life.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the knitting with three colors, as well. Also, no mention of gauge at all...

  2. Adding my thanks to the Arne and Carlos link - their videos have perked me up during a miserable head cold, and I've been knitting baubles with scraps of sock yarn because my brain can't concentrate on anything more complex atm.

  3. 96 is divisible by eight; I started making hats with the little tomato hats, and the crown is decreased by eights, not fours. If I wanted a slightly larger hat, I always cast on 104.

  4. =Tamar8:50 PM

    96 is also divisible by six. I like the appearance of a crown that is decreased by sixes, and 96 on size six or eight (US) dpns makes a hat that fits most of the people I know.

  5. 96 is also divisible by three-and I do like a k2, p1 rib. I think this may be why Arnie likes the 96 stitches for a hat-there are so many options! That said, my current hat is going on 100 stitches and a 2/2 rib. Habit.