Wednesday, January 20, 2016

At last – there's knitting to write about!

Not much, as usual, of actual knitting. I am toiling slowly on with the second reversed st st welt on the border of the Dunfallandy blankie, and doing it, as before, by turning around and knitting on the wrong side, rather than struggling to purl. It's looking good.

I've wound and incorporated the new skein. That took a while. Things might go faster today.

The big news is that Kate Davies has released a garment pattern for her new yarn. It's a cropped cardigan called Deco which I like a lot. Her blog entry to which I link is worth reading for the wonderful photographs, as usual, and for the anecdote about the tourists who wanted to photograph her, not because, gosh! that's Kate Davies, but because they thought she looked so quaint.

Could one get away with knitting the cardigan without lining the button band with ribbon? A cardigan that shape would be awfully useful.

And, LisaRR, oh! thank you for remembering my Koigu stash and providing the link to that wonderful masondixon blog post about VKLive. It's full of good pictures, good links, good ideas. I seem to have provided a link to the comments (which need to be read) but you can easily go on up to the post itself. I've put the link in Evernote for future reference for myself.


Everything is moving forward well, I guess, for my departure south on Sunday. I'm terrified, but that's by the way. My hair looks nice, and I still have three weekdays left for doing things in.

Income tax: I often find the dates confusing. The American and the German system of having a tax year be a calendar year would be much easier. Here we are in January, 2016. I have to pause for a moment over every single piece of paper – which tax year does April 17, 2014, fall in, for instance? There is now plenty of paper in the files belonging in the current year, 2015-16; that doesn't help, since part of 2015 was in the previous tax year.


  1. Check Kate's blog today there is a sale this weekend to celebrate her being named finalist in the business awards competition she is in. ten percent off!!

    1. Oops it was in an email. So dont know if it will be on the blog. Will email you

  2. I bought that Deco sweater a number of years ago in its original incarnation. Of course, I never made it. Now that it has been refined a bit perhaps I should. Very wearable, I should think.

  3. Thank you so much for the tip about clipping a bookmark to Evernote. Really grateful - I have just found a link to knitter graph paper and I've successfully stored it in Evernote. I love your blog - such real life - so glad you share it. xx

  4. April 17th, 2014, falls into the tax year 2014-2015

  5. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Deco is very pretty but I admit to being completely smitten with the dress.