Saturday, March 24, 2018

Again, not much was accomplished. I went to a movie called The Square which is not without interest. Some plasterers came and filled in holes in the kitchen wall.

I’m on the home stretch of the first OXO band on Alexander’s vest. The garment is looking increasingly large as I knit away from the cast-on edge. While I’m knitting the next peerie, I can decide whether to go on with the pattern as currently set, X above X and O above O, as Meg does, or to slide the motifs to one side by half-a-repeat, so that the centre front stitch for a while bisects the O instead of the X.

I think that is probably the commoner practise. That is what the Museum Sweater does (which J&S sells as a kit), and Kate Davies with the Macrihanish although she doesn’t bother with perfect centering. That is what I planned at the beginning: I started with centering the X so that it would reappear in the centre when it was time to start the v-neck.

My sister has (some days ago) received the yarn from Jimmy Beans which she will bring me soon, and with which I mean to knit Gudrun’s Kirigami.

The clocks go forward tonight. Time for bed!


  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    I like the idea of the X and O shifting - unless it is too fiddly.
    Interesting that the plasterers worked on Saturday!
    Still too cold here in Toronto. Sunshine is welcome though.

  2. Definitely offset the patterns. I find that this adds to the sense of movement in the piece. Nowhere near so much of a challenge as getting used to the rhythm of the new pattern, but that will be momentary too - the beauty of Fair Isle.

  3. I do think the X at the neck is the critical feature. We set the clocks back last week, somehow they moved it back on us. Nice to have lighter evenings.