Friday, March 09, 2018

It has been a stressful day

for man and beast – why are we shut in the dining room?

But with a highly successful ending:

While it was all going on, I could only sit about feeling stressed. I spent the time doing the arithmetic for Alexander’s vest, so successfully that I all but cast on before remembering that I had to include the Calcutta Cup.

Then I decided that the best thing to do would be to add an OXO to the swatch-scarf (for which, see above) to get my hand and eye back in. I will go ahead, when I finish that, and add the Cup, and it will be a scarf for Ketki. I can take it along when I go to them for Easter, and she can decide whether she wants it straight, and/or fringed, or joined into a cowl, or twisted into a moebius.

I checked and re-checked the gauge, but thought, as often, of Evelyn Waugh’s Major Erskine (“Men at Arms”) who was “…strangely dishevelled in appearance. His uniform was correct and clean, but it never seemed to fit him, not through any fault of the tailor’s, but rather because the major seemed to change shape from time to time during the day.” I’ll thread it onto a lifeline at least once and try it on Alexander as we proceed.

I read about corrugated rib. I was delighted to find these two passages:

1.     The Feral Knitter: “If you hold one color in each hand, corrugated rib is a snap – just hold the purl color in your left hand – it is much easier than bringing the yarn forward from your right hand to purl.”

2.     Starmore: “Corrugated rib is much easier to work if the knit stitches are produced with the Continental method and the purl stitches with the English method. Remember to take the yarn to the back of the piece after working the purl stitches.”

In other words, whichever feels more comfortable. And the possibility of doing it in two passes remains.

Rugby tomorrow – Scotland play Ireland in Dublin. It’s going to be very tough. Ireland always win when they’re at home, and we always lose when we’re away from home. And after that, England play France in Paris. England will probably win, but you never know – and France will have home advantage.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Glad to see youall made it through.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. Yes, glad that stage is over. These things are confusing indeed, for our animals.

  3. Your new Aga is a gorgeous color!
    And the cats are also quite lovely.
    Enjoy them all.

  4. But does any of that rugby matter after the Calcutta Cup? I really like the color of the Aga. And that quote from Waugh I may use for gauge lessons!

  5. I’m with Feral Knitter, purling with my left hand is much easier than with my right.

    Your new Aga is just grand! I have coveted one for years but the cost here in the US is prohibitive. Best of luck with the rest of the Reno. Press on regardless!

  6. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Your new AGA is gorgeous's color tickles the color of the counters making it show off to any on-looker. I can see Cezanne's Basket of Apples on the counter, with a bottle of bubbly slightly behind to one side with a curious cat or two expectaciously admiring your setup. Well Done, Jean!!!

  7. elginknitter2:52 PM

    Your new Aga is the same colour as mine! If it's an electric model, I'm curious to know where the controls are. I expected to see knobs and dials and things. Mine is a traditional gas-fueled model.

  8. Wow!!!! Your new Aga looks wonderful!:)