Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Shandy, and Tamar, you’re right, of course. If the vest is too big, I can seam it, or even cut. It is such a comfort to press ahead knowing that I’m not going to have to rip out the whole thing. Many, many thanks.

Tamar, the vest is for Alexander, the meant-to-be-Palermo socks are for Archie. Archie is bigger.

I knit happily on with the vest, and have finished the Calcutta Cup band. I hope to have introduced a bit of colour before Alexander sees it tomorrow (the cup band being grey and white, as on the swatch scarf). I am now in a position to start negotiating to see the Cup itself, and take a selfie of it with the unfinished vest.

Google has nothing whatsoever on the question of where the real Calcutta Cup is at the moment. It has been in the rugby museum at Twickenham for the last ten years, all are agreed. I hope if I rang up Murrayfield to book one of their rugby ground tours, they would be able to tell me whether the fake cup they have been displaying has been replaced with the real article. If needs must, I’ll go to London and let grandson Joe take me to Twickenham as he has offered to do.

I certainly don’t want to photograph my knitting with a fake Calcutta Cup. But it seems absurd to go to London to see the real one, when those nice young men have gone to all the trouble of winning it for Scotland. I’ll keep you posted.

This being Wednesday, we have a new West Highland Way pattern. It’s a triangular hap this time, nice enough but I’m not tempted. It’s called Electric Village which is at least pronounceable.

And isn’t it time for another Fruity Knitting, or have I got my weeks mixed up? Perhaps they were overwhelmed by the EYF.

I didn’t attempt my Sunday class on tucks with Nancy Marchant, by the way. I had pretty well decided to skip it, and the appalling weather that day put the seal on my decision.

All is stasis in the kitchen, except that I now have a date, some weeks hence, for the laying of the floor tiles.


  1. We would never know it was a fake Calcutta Cup, of course, but shouldn't the real thing make it to Scotland?

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    So glad you have no concerns about running out of yarn for this sweater!