Wednesday, March 07, 2018

I trust you all noticed that we had a comment from Carol Sunday herself. I feel hugely flattered, like the day we heard from Hazel Tindall. It is very good news indeed that she is working on a two-colour brioche design which is somewhat, at least, garment-like.

As for me, I have finished knitting the Soutache. A fancy bind-off remains to be done, and end-tidying, and steam-blocking – but I’m getting there.

And I’ve decided on my EYF extravagance. (I don’t actually have to buy it.) It’s Gudrun’s Johnston’s “Kirigami” in Jared’s “Winter 18” collection. I will at least go armed with the yarn requirements. The pattern is written for Jared’s “Arbor” yarn; Loop will be there, and they may bring “Arbor” along. They stock it in a good range of colours. I had some pattern of his in mind last year, when Jared himself was there, but found the yarn too expensive even for my extravagant self.

And there’s much to be said for just walking the marketplace with nothing in mind, discovering yarns and feeling them.

Meanwhile Alexander came over and has been measured for his Calcutta Cup vest. He wants the whole family kitted out – Ketki to have the swatch-scarf, and hats for the boys. Why not? The first thing to do is to establish a number of stitches – the number EZ calls “K” – bearing in mind Alexander’s circumference, the need for some positive ease, and the desirability of having the number of pattern-repeats divide evenly into “K”.

Then decide where to start in order to have the pattern centred centre-front so that the v of the v-neck can fit into the X of an OXO, as Meg likes to do. I’ll hope to get these calculations done in the next couple of days.

As horror descends on me. The reconditioned Aga is arriving on Friday, so tomorrow, after cooking my Mindful lunch, I will turn Old Faithful off again. Then (if all goes well) I will have a weekend without hot water in the kitchen, but with an Aga, and then on Monday all hell breaks loose. But Helen will get back from Greece that day. She can take over.

Dead cat (not): 


  1. ANother lovely yarn I saw on the list is Myak. But so many I would love to see in person. HAppy to hear that Helen will be back to help supervise!

  2. It is no wonder the cats love being in the kitchen, when you have the Aga. They are gong to find the upheval disconcerting! My I be nosey and ask how the stove is fuelled? I grew up with an Ess, which burned phurnacite, and then Mum changed to an Aga when replacement parts became an issue. That was oil fired, and of course both required outdoor space to store the fuel.

  3. Sorry for the typos - May, Esse,

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Wow. What a unique pattern. It will be interesting to see what color you choose. Chloe

  5. Could you, perhaps, be overfeeding your cats? We have one cat that holds onto her paunch no matter how much we limit her food. I can barely lift her. Ours is a calico also. ‘It’s gotta be the genes’.