Monday, March 26, 2018

Here’s where we are so far. I got a bit more done today:

You can see why I fear it’s too big, and you can see what I mean about the bottom flaring. The techknitter’s system begins with a couple of rounds of st st, which is meant to curl, and then some one-colour 2x2 ribbing. If blocking doesn’t cure it, I can cut off the st st and finish it somehow.

The Calcutta Cup motif is also centered, and has the same number of stitches in the repeat as does the OXO, but since it isn't symmetrical it doesn't show.


I wasn’t greatly impressed with Mary Beard last night, although she was fine to knit to. (But I passionately agree with you, Lisa, about the former director of the British Museum – his name is Neil MacGregor and he’s wonderful.) The whole point of this new series is to be about the whole world, not just Western art like the earlier Civilisation.

Unfortunately, what Mary Beard knows about is classical art, which is as Western as all get out. So they had to ship the poor woman out to China to the terracotta warriors, and off to Mexico for some Olmec, to give it a world-ly flavour.

And then at the end, the whole thing was spoiled when she revealed that the object she was ending on might be a fake. (There are a lot of Olmec fakes.) Do you suppose they had made the whole programme and then someone came rushing in saying “Hey! Wait a minute!” and the only thing they could do was have Mary Beard record a new voice-over?

I remembered how I had loved the Etruscan warrior at the Met in NYC when I was young – and then he was exposed as a fake. (I don’t seem to be able to post a link. Google “Etruscan warrior statue fake Metropolitan Museum” and you’ll see.)

Mary Beard was a contemporary of Rachel’s at Cambridge, both doing Classics. She wasn’t exactly a friend, and I don’t think I ever met her, but I remember Rachel and Ed talking about her. Both my husband and Rachel’s sister Helen have often referred to MB as Rachel’s tutor, but she wasn’t, she was just another undergraduate, that funny girl who’s always in the library.


  1. the story of the Etruscan warriors is a treat -
    many thanks !


  2. I have Neil MacGregor's History of the world in 100 objects on cd for sleepless nights - and I've also downloaded his Beliefs series of podcasts. Love them.

    Shandy's remark about rhythm when knitting fair isle struck a chord. I'm currently knitting a primitive swatch scarf, inspired by yours, but was getting hopelessly muddled by a sort of leaf patter, until I turned each line into a sort of song. Problem solved!

  3. It must be possible by now to take an actual measurement of the diameter of the vest, so you can see how far out it will be. I'm often surprised by how large garments need to be to go round me comfortably - and I am not huge.

    And there is your six degrees of separation theory in action again - or two degrees in this case. I did find myself wondering whether I could rock a pair of those shiny trainers she wears throughout in that programme.

  4. Anonymous9:36 PM

    The vest is gorgeous, and I don't think it looks too big. Remember that it is lying flat-ish, but Alexander (and aall of us) are round-ish. I think the extra will be taken up in actual wear. Can you try it on yourself, just to get an idea?

    Beverly in NJ

  5. Anonymous10:44 PM

    I am also amazed by so few degrees of separation - the Miles family is connected in so many intriguing ways!
    I really like the colours of the Calcutta Cup vest.

  6. Maybe you could catch the stocking stitch hem to the inside of the corrugated ribbing? A bit of judicious light felting might stop the flaring.

  7. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Yes, I agree, the colors are wonderful, and the gray and white Calcutta Cup panel reminds me of a frieze, one of those wonderful decorative details that have always caught my eye. I sure hope it fits, Jean. Chloe

  8. I love everything I've heard Neil McG do - I'll watch for Civilizations. I have to say I get irritated with the programs that put the presenter front and center all the time. She or he is not why I am watching. I see what you mean about the stocking stitch. Picking it out and doing a sewn bind off might be the ticket. Or picking up the stitches and redoing the stocking stitch in the other direction on few stitches with a much smaller needle. But the vest looks marvellous!

  9. The sweater is truly beautiful.

  10. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Just to be clear Mary Lou - Neil McG is the host of the Living with the Gods radio podcast, not Civilisations.