Tuesday, March 06, 2018

I got my food, mid-morning today. I don’t know what would have happened if it had been spoiled, but it wasn’t. I’d have got my money back, I think, and the Mindful Chef would have had to fight it out with Yodel, a completely separate delivery company.

My wonderful cleaning woman has got the kitchen largely clear of Things, including shelffuls of cookery books, all ready for next Monday’s horror, namely the installation of my new kitchen. She’ll come back on Sunday afternoon for the last few things. The cats are enchanted by empty cupboards and shelves for them to sit on, or in. I’ve now got to make arrangements for a 30-foot lorry to park at the door while the units are delivered.

Fortunately next week is Frot with Event, to take my mind off what will be happening here. The Yale University Press is coming on Tuesday, in connection with my husband’s life work, and taking me out to lunch. And after that, the EYF! I don’t think they provide lunch, but who cares?

What I urgently need is some target yarn. Alas, Kate Davies won’t be there in yarn form this year, as she is lecturing on her new book about having a stroke. I’m quite keen on knitting the Stronachlachar tee in the West Highland Way collection. The yarn is Buachaille, which I know I like from knitting Miss Rachel’s Yoke in it. I could devote EYF time to looking for a substitute, but that seems sort of pointless.

I’ll need a bit more of a couple of colours for Alexander’s vest, and Jamieson & Smith will be there. That’s something. But I also want something more extravagant.

The Soutache has advanced to the final stretch of plain ribbing. Even that is peppered with mistakes. Brioche remains hypnotically fun to do. I wish there were garment patterns in it that I liked. I’m well provided with books; that isn’t the problem.

I hope Carol Sunday will design something in two-colour brioche again. I will write and tell her so when I finish, thanking her again for the Soutache yarn which was her gift. I much prefer her charting system to Marchant’s – clearer and simpler.


  1. Now I must buy one of Carol Sunday's patterns to compare the two! Will there not be anyone selling Kate Davies yarn at all? Do look at the Brooklyn Tweed Arbor. I shall peruse the vendor list for some vicarious thrills!

  2. I think I read somewhere that Kate Davies yarn will be for sale but I can’t remember who is selling it. Sure someone will know. Have a great time.

  3. I wonder what you thought about the new KD pattern today? It certainly reminded me strongly of some items I knitted in the 70s - I've probably still got the patterns somewhere.

  4. Thank you for the encouragement! I agree, brioche has such a delightful cadence to it, whether done in one colour or two. I am actually working on a new 2-colour brioche cape-sort-of garment, like a ruana with sides. I'd love your thoughts ... maybe I'll shoot you a sneak peak : )