Thursday, March 22, 2018

There is little to report. I have heard, via Helen, that my kitchen work surfaces will arrive next Thursday. I must ring the people up tomorrow and find out when, once that is done, water will be restored and the dishwasher plumbed in and my new magic electric hot water tap installed. Good Friday is a big deal in England, but not much of a holiday in Scotland. I am afraid that all these necessary operations are going to interfere with my much-anticipated Easter weekend on the shores of Loch Fyne.

On the other hand, it would be wonderful to be able to cook again, and I’ve got the prospect of cider to comfort me whatever happens.

Alexander came to see me today. He suggested emailing a journalist, and/or the Scottish Rugby Union, to ask where the real Calcutta Cup is. It's hard to find email addresses for such people, but I tried.

I had another stuffy day-in today, waiting for someone to come and remove my old refrigerator. At the end of the day I found a card at the front door to say that he had arrived and I wasn’t there. I was there, of course, wide awake, not watching television. So I must start again tomorrow with that one.

Meanwhile, waiting, I got on with the Fair Isle vest. I’ve done the first peerie band, and established the first OXO. That required careful counting and figgering, and I am happy to report that the X of the OXO is centred on the centre front stitch where I wanted it.

And the lozenge, the O, is likewise centred at the back, and since back and front are only distinguished, so far, by which side seam I deem myself to have started at, all options are open.

I read some of the essays at the front of the Vintage Shetland Project, but I don’t think I have anything to say about them. She has done a good, conscientious job. She loves Shetland. She avowedly doesn’t attempt to explore the 19th century and earlier origins of the unique Shetland patterns.

I noticed for the first time, looking at the illustration in that book, that the corrugated ribbing flares in the front of that famous portrait of the last Prince of Wales, dressed for golf in his Fair Isle sweater.


  1. A couple of email addresses to try:
    Scottish Rugby Hospitality -

    General Feedback email for Scottish Rugby Union:

    Someone surely knows and hopefully you can find out. Looking forward to seeing your vest as it progresses

  2. Jean,
    Found this passage "The original trophy still exists but is in a fragile state so sits in the Museum of Rugby in Twickenham, whilst both England and Scotland have replicas which they lift after a victory."

    in this article:

    unfortunately, it is in London. I hope this helps.

  3. Also - it sounds like, in this link, that it may only be on display in London when England is the holder.

  4. I think that Scotland should lodge a formal protest! I do hope you get to Loch Fyne, cider notwithstanding. I sometimes think that the doorbell ringers such as the fridge removal man ring and run.

    1. Mary Lou, you are more charitable than I. I suspect that often, they do not even bother to exit their car or truck, but glance at the windows, decide that no one is home, and drive on.

    2. Anonymous10:32 AM

      I'm with you Kristen. I had the same experience recently with a courier service. He insisted he had been and no one was here ( I was) and when I told him we had a gate alarm so we don't miss anyone,he said he was on a different hwy and had got the address wrong. Obviously he was never here!

    3. I once watched the "You were out" card flutter to the floor. This was Royal Mail. I opened the door and yelled at the Postie, and he said he would get the parcel from his van - clearly he had no intention of trying to deliver. I was feeling very generous that day, and didn't dob him in - he had broken regulations.

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    This Calcutta Cup vest is going to be so special!
    When the dust dies down (literally) in your kitchen I hope we can see some photos - only when you have a chance.

  6. =Tamar4:08 PM

    Congratulations on getting the O and the X perfectly centered!
    Would it be possible, do you think, to arrange with the installers to have that weekend free? They probably could set it up. On the other hand, the weather prediction for Easter is grim. You may want to lay in supplies.