Saturday, March 03, 2018

The cats were probably looking at birds, yesterday. Today Paradox, who likes sitting in the pot with that tree, knocked it to the floor and broke the pot. Bad cat.

Fergus has gone back to school. He is on the threshold of important national exams, and said he has work to do. My niece C. and I took him to lunch at Dishoom today (local Indian, very good) which I think he enjoyed. I had completely forgotten how draining it is to worry about an adolescent. Is my solitary life calcifying my character?

The weather has calmed down. Edinburgh got off lightly, snow-wise, compared to many other places but the city is full of slushy snow. It will be lethal if it isn’t removed before it freezes.

The forecast is for a certain amount of unpleasantness to persist into next week. And the EYF is only the week after that. Spring will have to get a move on.

Miscellaneous knitting

All the designs from the Vintage Shetland Project are visible on the Vintage Shetland website. I like that blousy, lacy number, far left in the second full row from the bottom. It is hard to be patient.

I’ve done a little more Soutache. The current pattern repeat will be the last before the switch to Chart 2. The length is rather worrying, but there’s no going back now. The gradient yarns fix the size, 8” for each appearance – going and coming – of each one; 16” for the central panel with the lightest colour. I should have added up all those inches before I started.


  1. I did think that Susan Crawford gave a wonderful interview on "Fruity knitting". It is certainly an interesting project to reverse engineer pieces of knitwear from the past, but I do wonder how wearable some of the finished items would be. Some of them are very odd shapes.

  2. I'm hopeful that Fergus toted some cat litter for you and your fur babies while he was with you!

  3. =Tamar4:24 AM

    Quite a few of those Vintage Shetland sweaters have 1940s shoulders. I'd alter those designs if I were knitting them, but I love the patterns themselves. I may have to organize an order...

  4. I'd say part of the delay in getting the book out was creating her own line of yarn to go with it.

  5. I'm excited to see SC's book. I wonder if I can get it here. We'll see.
    I must watch her on Fruity.
    I wish I could fly over for the yarn fest. Someday!

  6. Adolescents need left alone a lot of the time, they're socially awkward at that age and suffer when made to be social too much. He'll grow out of it. They appreciate food though, and the knowledge that attention, support and care is available when they need it. (My daughter is 16, sitting her Highers and I'm her mother, she only emerges from her room when actively seeking some of the above.)