Friday, June 08, 2018

A better day. I was afraid that yesterday’s episode of violent dis-ease would have set me back, weakness-wise. But I don’t think that happened. Archie and I had a very pleasant lunch today. Tomorrow I hope I will be striding about the streets as though nothing had happened.

Thank you, as always, for comments. Tamar, you’re right (as always) that I should consult with Alexander about the length of his Calcutta Cup vest. On looking more closely, I see that Meg begins her v-neck half-way through an OXO band, and her underarms at the beginning of it, six rounds previously. The Museum Sweater starts the underarms halfway through an OXO, and the v-neck at the top of a peerie – a longer interval, therefore.

I think I can do pretty well whatever I want, as long as I do it thoughtfully and calmly.

The yarn has arrived for Rachel’s “Pairfect” socks, so that’s that aspect of cruise-preparation attended to.


Thanks for the comments on the subject of Pairfect socks. I have re-watched Arne&Carlos’ video, and I think I have grasped the concept. Pattie, it’s encouraging to know that it can come out pairfectly even if you don’t entirely do it the Regia way. (I feel there was another comment, but if so I can’t find it. Apologies.)

Dianne: I wish we could meet, when you are in Edinburgh, but I fear I will be in too much of a pre-cruise ferment at that date. Try my local LYS, Cathy’s Knits on Broughton Street. She sells only British yarn, and is herself both enthusiastic and helpful.


Southern Gal: I missed your comment, the first time around, due to the new system of not forwarding comments to my e-mail inbox. I agree with you, about Murray. I didn’t know that grass was harder on the human body than clay. It would be wonderful to see Federer play. I really don’t know whether I’ll go to London for anyone less. I saw Billie Jean play at Wimbledon once.


  1. I have knitted two pair of Pairfect socks. Both came out matching exactly. It takes a little fiddling when you pull out the yellow marker yarn for the second sock and sometimes a few tries at casting on in order to wind up with second cast on tail matching the first cast on tail. Once you get them to match, you are on your way. . I used different sock patterns, not the one suggested.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, Cathy's looks like exactly what I would like to see.
    I'm sorry we won't get to meet, but I can certainly understand the pre-vacation stressors. I'm having a few of those myself. My husband and I are traveling with my 80 year old mother-in-law. She has never been out of the US. This should be quite the grand adventure.
    Have a great journey yourself, knitting and relaxing as much as possible.