Monday, June 04, 2018

Again, not much, but something. The knitting is moving forward smoothly – I’ve now reached the final colours for the current Fair Isle band, and have moved the starting point and all the other end-of-motif markers. There was a potential problem, Joni (comment, Saturday) – think about it.

You finish round A, all but 11 stitches, slip those forward unknit, join in the new colours, start round B. When you get to the end, you’ll have to knit those slipped stitches in round B. They’ll have missed out being knit in round A. In fact, the fudge is virtually undetectable.

I have sorted out Archie’s socks (also a second attempt), and have ordered some yarn for a pair for Rachel, who says that that’s what she wants for her 60th birthday. Some Regia Pairfects in a bold stripe. It sounds like an interesting idea; Arne & Carlos’ video on the subject is delightful, as always. For men, by my (and their) standards, the socks would be too short. But they’ll be perfect – pairfect – for Rachel.

So that’s one aspect of my cruise ready-to-roll. Ten days (plus travel to and from Oban) might well be enough to finish both pairs.


Yes, Mary Lou, I have kimchi on the side of most meals these days, except for my morning porridge, and I sometimes eat it out of the jar when I feel the need of a Little Something.

I opened the Good King Henry fermentation today, and it is indeed nicely fermented, but now what? One needs to give some advance thought to how a fermentation is going to be consumed. My current thought for the next effort is Brad Leone’s gardiniera, a mixed vegetable fermentation which you eat with a beef sandwich in Chicago, or as a side dish, kimchi-fashion.

(For Brad Leone, search for his name on YouTube. He’s got a good kimchi recipe, too. And he’s much less solemn than some.)

But I can’t be chopping up vegetables this evening, as I must do some Italian homework. Andrew and Andrea tomorrow!


  1. I'm saying finish the round, and then move the start of the next round. You can start it anywhere. If you have already done all of round A, then it doesn't matter where you start round B, does it? I may be crazy, as it has been a long weekend, with not quite enough sleep.

  2. Some Koreans I know eat kimchi with everything, whether the meal is Korean or not. That's too much fusion for me. If you really wanted to eat kimchi 3 times a day, you could have jook instead of porridge, which is just porridge made with rice.

  3. I think that I would have waited for a plain row - or the start of a peerie band before attempting the shift. Looking again at those fragments of the Museum Sweater there is half a lozenge clearly visible at the end of each round, so even that amount of fudge was thought acceptable.

  4. Growing up in NJ there was Giardiniera everywhere. Some really hot. That should be fun and easy to do. And suit many meals. I usually see it as an antipasto. I hear the Chicago sandwich version is very hot.

  5. Have you thought about a Kimchi pancake? They are terrific. Might be a good thing for your Henry.