Friday, June 15, 2018

I’m using my husband’s last computer. He never really liked it – he never really got beyond MS-DOS. Be that as it may, it always used to greet him by name when I turned it on in the morning. But since this week’s updates, it now greets me by name. Does Microsoft have a data feed from the Elysian Fields? It's a bit unnerving.

Maureen, you’re absolutely right on both points (comment yesterday). I’ll update the WIP progress bar before I leave you this evening.

I knit slowly on. Was I always so slow? I’m now knitting the penultimate round of the third Fair Isle band on Alexander’s Calcutta Cup sweater. We’ll have another picture when I finish it. I think it's pulling itself together somewhat.

Hazel Tindall said (at the class I took with her, EYF ’17) that she didn’t like circular needles because of the time that has to be spent easing the stitches around. She normally knits, of course, with long straight needles of which one end of the operative one is stuck into a pouch stuffed with horsehair, on a knitting belt.

I equipped myself with these instruments after my happy trip to Shetland. This would be the perfect opportunity to try again to master the technique…

The needle I am using (KnitPro?) seems slightly slower than it need be for the crucial bit where the stitches are slid from cord to needle point. Still, little and often will get the vest done.


I did well today, knocking off several things on my pre-cruise list, including booking tickets for Waiting for Godot for me and Archie at the Edinburgh Festival in August. I saw it when it was new, a long, long time ago. I surprised myself by enjoying Krapp’s Last Tape (also with Archie) at the Festival last year.

Next I must tax the car. Government websites frighten me, although they are pretty efficient these days.


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I love the way the vest is turning out.. Thanks for the terrific pictures. Sounds as if the Kimchi has done its job on your bod. Good to hear the spunk return to your voice. have a marvelous cruise. We will be sailing the high seas in spirit with you, Jean. hugs - pgnitter

  2. Photo in the header is wonderful!! I bought a knitting belt set up after a short lesson from June Hemmons Hiatt. It is still in the bag.