Thursday, June 21, 2018

I was wrong: the interviewer did ask Penelope Jardine about rumpty tumpty with Muriel Spark –presumably having warned her of the question before the cameras rolled. And it was phrased rather more discretely. Miss Jardine laughed and said, in effect, I know what you’re asking, and, no, there was nothing like that.

“Boston marriage” is a new phrase to me, and one I am glad to add to my repertoire. Thank you, Mary Lou.

The Resident’s Parking Permit didn’t turn up today, to my huge disappointment. I took the advice of several friends and neighbours and moved the car back into a resident’s parking space and put a note on the windscreen. I seem to have got away with it, so far.

So tomorrow I had better get back to my to-do list. I could knock off taxing the car and paying the parking fines and paying an electricity bill and making an appt to have my hair done, all well within an hour, if I set myself to it.

Perdita has a dr’s appt late tomorrow afternoon. That is a huge worry. She has a rough patch of fur on her back, beneath which seems to be a lump. She doesn’t seem ill or uncomfortable. Can a vet make her better? Or just charge me a lot of money for making her worse? It will be hard, after all,  to concentrate on the to-do list.


I have knit a whole round wrong, on Alexander’s Calcutta Cup vest. I don’t think it will show up much, if I carry calmly on. The lozenge, where the mistake is, is the right shape, and the “X” of the OXO is unaffected.

The main feature of the new Fruity Knitting is an interview with the Italian team behind Myak. They sell Tibetan yak yarn and cashmere, dyed and spun in Italy and mixed, in some cases, with silk. It’s no use adding random wonderful yarns to stash, however.

Andrew and Andrea say they won't be back for three weeks -- they're working on something special. 


  1. I bet the vet can fix Perdita; they are pretty amazing. I'll keep her in my thoughts. Keep us posted.

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    At least the vet should be able to diagnose the likely problem. Some conditions get worse whether the animal goes to the vet or not, certainly, but seeking medical advice is unlikely to do any harm. Hope you can get there and hopefully get some help.

  3. Have you insurance for the cats? It's one of these things that seems a lot of money for nothing much until you need it, then it's very useful. Our Max-the-Cat started to develop a very rare variant of chronic kidney disease at Christmas, he's been in and out the Dick Vet hospital ands had all sorts of tests and biopsies. Doing well now but the insurance company is £8,000 poorer. A lump and rough fur can be anything though, a nip from her sister, an insect bite, some sort of allergy. The vet visit is the best thing to do though.

  4. Yes, a bite quickly becomes a lumpy access and a patch of weird fur... Fingers crossed.

  5. My version of a 'Swatch scarf' has now got a deformed chicken on it; not as potentially problematic as a wrong row on your vest! Too late to try and sort it out now.

  6. The mYak yarn is lovely, but I agree that I have too many randomly added wonderful yarns in my stash. I fondled it at their booth at TNNA (trade show) and was quite taken with it. But at the moment, I have to resist.

  7. Anonymous2:49 PM

    tic's burrow in sometimes and cause those symptoms....I never thought of a bite. I immediately jump to tragedy. I tend toward drama queen. Good luck tomorrow, Perdita :)