Sunday, June 17, 2018

The smooth progress of life had a bit of a setback today. I nipped down to Tesco’s this morning – and found not one but two parking tickets on my windscreen. My Resident’s Parking Permit had expired. If they sent me a reminder, I never got it. Or never opened it.

I have renewed, on-line. I wonder if I could get away with a note to that effect on the windscreen? Probably not. Metred parking around here is terribly expensive. I have poured enough coins in to get me through to noon tomorrow. Mustn’t forget. And I must also pay the fines. And, of course, once all that is settled, get back to the things that should be done before I leave, such as taxing the car.

I’ve done a bit of knitting – I’m half-way through the next peerie. What I did achieve was to sit down at the kitchen table with Calcutta Cup vest, swatch-scarf, tape measure, and Fair Isle vest instructions from Meg and Alice Starmore and Kate Davies. Later I added EZ’s original EPS, in the Knitting Workshop.

I fired up an old computer and persuaded it to show me some of Meg's Fair Isle Vest video -- enough for her to express in numbers a desired measurement from underarm to shoulder (9 1/2"). Then it pegged out.

Needless to say, the experts all contradict each other, and my gauge measurements came out different each time. And nobody would tell me how wide to make the shoulders. A bit narrow will be fine – narrow shoulders can be bulked out with armhole ribbing. But the thing one absolutely doesn’t want is any drape over the shoulder blade. I measured an old, moth-eaten, hand-knit vest of my husband’s and decided to aim for four inches each side.

KD’s Stronachlachar, high on my hoped-for list, droops over the shoulders in just the way mentioned. But that’s deliberate, meant for a woman, and looks fine. I watched her give a talk about “Handywoman” yesterday, wearing Stronachlachar. But it wouldn’t do for Alexander.

So I think I’ve done all the maths – certainly enough to be moving forward with. I had help:


  1. Very fine helper!

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    The world has become so complicated it's a wonder we don't all find ourselves in jail. Chloe

  3. I measured the vest I made for my husband - just under 4 1/2 without the shoulder ribbing.

  4. I would call your local police station. And ask them if you can put a note perhaps a copy of the email receipt that shows that you have renewed. It may be that the parking meter person can check electronically and verify that you have indeed paid. It is certainly worth a call to see. How long before the sticker or whatever will be mailed? Perhaps the police has a paper that will suffice til yours comes. I know here there is a paper you can print out when your car registration is renewed but the sticker has not come thru.

    Worth a call. If anyth8ng they might take your license plate number and let the parking person know. So as not to give you a ticket.

    Good luck