Thursday, June 14, 2018

Freecell has been restored to me.

I sat down at the computer at 8:55 this morning to establish a pre-arranged Skype connection with my Italian teacher in Rome. “Installing Windows updates” it said. “Do not turn off computer.” I thought we had done all that yesterday.

There was more trouble when I finally reached Skype, and saw that I had missed a call from Federica. They wanted me to do something about setting up a Microsoft account, and wouldn’t let me have Skype until I had dealt with that one.

Eventually we had our lesson, via a not-very-good connection. Next week she’ll be back here in person. And at the end of all that, I found I had Freecell back. Enabling me to waste time which would be better spent knitting.

Despite Italian, and despite Freecell, and despite the nice men toiling away on my central heating boiler (things aren’t going entirely well, I gather) – despite all that, I knocked three items off my pre-cruise list and will sleep the better for it.

I’m doing the declining half of the current Fair Isle band on Alexander’s Calcutta Cup vest. I think I’ve chosen colours better this time.


  1. Ooh! You need to update your WIP graph because that beautiful vest is way more than 2% complete. And, I like the blue bit now that there's more context.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Wow. Beautiful picture.

  3. Wonderful to see the detail on the surface of the cup. Paisley patterns, no less.

  4. I love that photo. So admire your Fair Isle work.

  5. Ever onward. I enjoy your blog so much - thank you for keeping your fans informed and entertained.

  6. I'm always fascinated by your knitting and travel adventures. Freecell! I still can't get the hang of it! But I'm good at wasting time doing it! ;)