Sunday, June 03, 2018

Little to report – no knitting. I begin every day writing down a list of what I hope to accomplish, and each day’s list is longer than the last, because of not having got much done the day before. I’ve knocked off a couple of items today, however, and tomorrow’s list may not be too bad.

I’ll put sock yarn onto the list for tomorrow. No use going on a cruise without knitting.


On Friday I opened the jar with the Good King Henry fermentation, and I can assure you that it is definitely fermenting. I even heard a little pfsst noise when I opened the jar!  and when I pressed everything down there were lots of bubbles. I allowed myself to taste a shard of carrot, and it tasted vinegar-y.

None of which gives me any indication of how the Good King Henry is going to taste. I intend to find out tomorrow, when it will have been fermenting for a week.

Yesterday I started a jar of mashed chillis. The idea is that they can form the foundation of a hot sauce, or, if one adds fresh tomatoes and avocadoes and coriander, a salsa. The books say not to expect much, bubble-wise, from such a mash. Meanwhile I am much enjoying my second batch of kimchi. I think I am becoming addicted to it, and may have to smuggle a jar into my suitcase when I go on my cruise.


  1. Do you just east the kimchi as a side with a meal? I've only had it in Korean restaurants. Now I'm thinking I need to branch out.

  2. Have you eaten any of the South Asian pickles?