Saturday, June 09, 2018

I wasn’t as much better today as I had hoped to be. I tottered about a bit, however, and cooked myself a Mindful Chef lunch. I always leave the vegan one for last. This was quite a good one, a chick pea curry with okra.

There’s little else to tell you. I haven’t knit much – I am just embarking on the third Fair Isle band of Alexander’s Calcutta Cup sweater. The new system – starting a round at the beginning of a repeat, or half-way through, depending on whether this is an offset round or not – makes it easier to be sure I’ve got the motifs perfectly lined up.

This computer won’t load Freecell any more. The little circle-made-of-dots goes round and round forever, but nothing results. A conflict with Skype? That’s the only thing that’s changed here lately.


  1. Oh no! No freecell? I give it up for Lent every year but am back on it again by Easter Monday. The only thing i can suggest is doing a restart.

    1. Restarts don’t work. Nor does trying-again-tomorrow.

  2. There have been some recent Windows updates that are creating havoc, don't know if you get those automatically or not. Uninstall Skype and try? Or you can get a freecell app for the ipad...