Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Onwards, slowly.

Today’s greatest achievement was the unexpected one of mastering Skype. I have never been a fan, and have hovered grumpily on the outer edges of many a Skyping family group on major holidays. But my Italian teacher is going back to Rome, and we will have few if any more lessons a quattr’occhi.

So today we got things set up while she was here, and then had a trial run at an agreed time this afternoon. And we did it. So we’ll try having next week’s lesson at long distance, and I feel I have mastered a new skill.

I am knitting the last round of the second Fair Isle band on Alexander’s Calcutta Cup vest, not pleased with my colour arrangement. He can’t bring me the scarf tomorrow because it’s in Argyll and he’s in Glasgow. I’ll have to apply myself with renewed zeal to the photograph above. My original calculation was four peeries and three Fair Isles before the armholes. So, two more peeries and one band before that exciting moment.

Andrew and Andrea have got Di Gilpin this time, and a general Scottish theme. I haven’t watched any of it yet.

I’ve been meaning to say that I am mildly attracted by the idea of the Bristol Chart scarf on Ravelry. I’ve got far too long a list, and I knit far too slowly these days, actually to contemplate it, but I think it’s a jolly idea, with a lot more potential than just standing on the doorstep every morning and peering at the grey sky and then knitting a stripe according to the degree of grey. You could choose any colours. No one would know.


The headlines on the Scottish news this evening said that Andy Murray hasn't given up hope of playing at Wimbledon. I didn't sit on to watch the item, but there's probably not much more to be said and anyway it'll be in the paper tomorrow. So that might add another element to my hopes for Men's Semi-Final Day. (Rachel doesn't like him, but I am a doting fan.) I got the rail tickets in today's post. I think the next skill I need to master is how to get tickets on my under-used mobile telephone.


  1. Blimey, Jean! Imagine trying to explain that scarf pattern to your knitting group! As for giving it to your child as an heirloom....beats the baby pictures, I guess.

  2. It seems as if every day is a learning curve for figuring out some new aspect of the technological world we live in now. I am not a good student.

  3. Jean, I want to back up a few days and share my experience with the Pair-fect sock yarn. It was a gift and I am about to Kitchener the toes. I knit two at a time, so their system was a waste for me. I also ended the leg an inch or so before they wanted me to, the stripe meant to be a single row of contrast is instead a wider stripe in the heel flap. The socks still match perfectly.

  4. I had a good laugh over that scarf. And good for you with Skype, I do find the lag a bit irritating, I hope it works well for your lessons.

  5. Maybe someone can photo the patterns on the scarf ... several closeups for you and email them to you?

    Re Murray... have doubts that he will play at W. he has not played for a year and W can be five set matches... thats a huge fitness challenge to come back from injury and surgery recovery. better to stay out and work back up to the Aus Open ... it could mean a longer career. Grass is harder on the body to play on than hard court would be... anyway you will see someone great that day (hopefully ROGER!)