Sunday, June 10, 2018

I started this computer session, as yesterday and the day before, by clicking on the “Microsoft Solitaire Collection” icon, hoping for Freecell. While I was sitting there dozing, hands well away from the keyboard, the computer got as tired as I was of those dots going around in a circle and switched of its own accord to…..Skype. Hmmm.

I continue to feel stronger, and am looking forward to a week in which I will get things done. The car is going in for its MOT. I am going to Murrayfield to see the Calcutta Cup. I still want to order some trainers for my cruise, and perhaps another tee-shirt. Arrangements for the cats need to be finalised, and for my trip to Oban.

I watched an interesting programme just now, from last night, about Germaine Greer. I find her a thoroughly sympathetic character. I was surprised, looking her up afterwards, to find that she isn’t even 80 yet. In the scenes where she walked around her woodland, and attended to her geese, she looked as doddery as I feel. There was no reference in the programme as to what is to become of children when women assert themselves.

I also watched a few moments, today and yesterday, of the tennis finals in Paris. I’m sorry that beautiful American girl didn’t win. But the clay court, and the coloured costumes, are not to my taste. Oh, Wimbledon!

Meanwhile the third Fair Isle band has advanced somewhat, on Alexander’s Calcutta Cup vest. I still don’t think colours are as well arranged here as they were on the swatch-scarf.


There are buds on the sweet peas on the front step. And it looks as if I will have a respectable crop of strawberries, perhaps even two bowlsful. They are just beginning to show the faintest blush.

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