Monday, March 11, 2019

A good day, but not productive of reportable event. Archie came for a morning of useful toil. Little by little, the clutter in this house is being reduced.

I knit on, on the Dathan hap. Individual rows take quite a while now, and I haven’t even added half the final number of stitches (although nearly, I think). I didn’t count, today. Counting is a major undertaking in itself.

I did photograph the assembled Millarochies:

Except that I forgot that one of them was attached to the knitting, so it’s missing. It was a very dark blue. Is it odd that there’s no yellow, except in so far as yellow contributes to that wonderful lime green? You'll agree that the ensemble effect is dark.

For the third pass, I have abandoned randomness and arranged the colours on the table in front of me in the order I will employ them. I’ll decide on the width of each stripe when I get there.


I am pressing on with Trollope’s “He Knew He Was Right” to the detriment of “Anne of Green Gables”. I think Trollope is making it up as he goes along; it’s certainly not one of his best. Even so, the characters are varied and interesting and I am enjoying their company and their troubles. It’s a very long book – I’m not yet halfway through.

Rather like the hap.

Andrew & Andrea tomorrow! And lots of potentially interesting television this evening. I have recorded it all, and can watch in dribs and drabs while I knit in days to come.


  1. The Mitford Years by Jan Karon is the series of books about Father Tim. It is light reading but delightful. By the time it was published my devout Anglican mom had passed away. She would have loved them.

    I am falling behind with Andrew and Andrea. I sort of got stuck when the crochet episode appeared. Looking forward to catching up.
    And the colors of the hap look lovely even if a tad dark.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Yes, a delightful and soothing series. The next Andrew and Andrea episode had a tutorial on "winding" or "Turkish" cast on. She explains things thoroughly and clearly. So many people make things too confusing. Chloe