Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Alexander posted this picture on his Facebook page the other day. He and his family are great Glasgow Warriors fans, and this cup turned up at a Warriors match last weekend, after the famous draw in Twickenham. There was no explanation. There was a man guarding it. So we don’t know whether it’s a replica or the real thing. I suspect the latter. I think there’s only one replica, and that's going to stay in Twickenham for another year. Alexander (who was here today) says it was beautiful.

That’s James on the left, Thomas (the eventual recipient of this year’s Calcutta Cup scarf) on the right.

I got on nicely with the hap today. I’m down to the point – indeed, a bit beyond it – where only 30 more stitches are needed, 12 rows, 6 garter stitch ridges. I’m finishing off, as many do, with a stack of two-row stripes. I’ve lined the colours up in the order I’ll be using them.


I finished "The Claverings". No hunting. It turns out that Siegfried Sassoon isn’t available for a Kindle, so I went on to “Daniel Deronda”. I’m sure I’ve never read it. According to the summary on Amazon, the initial plot-mover is very similar to the one in “The Claverings”. The beginnings of the two books, however, are very different. Trollope begins, bang, with the event on which all pivots. Eliot is spending chapter after chapter establishing the character of her heroine.

They might have married each other. Trollope is only four years older than Eliot. “The Claverings” came out eight or nine years before “Daniel Deronda”, however.

Thank you, Mary Lou. Craiglockhart, of course. One drives past it on the way from Drummond Place to Merchiston Castle, where Archie was at school. It’s not a hospital any more. An educational establishment of some sort, I think.

I am still sort of disappointed that Penguin isn’t emailing me a short-list of six worthy books-to-read every month, but at least the initial impetus has reduced my thriller intake for the moment.


  1. That cup must be something to see in person! I will confess that I had to look up the hospital, I knew it was near Edinburgh. I'm currently playing with afterthought heels, since I've just finished a sweater for design, I need something that is a bit of instant gratification. Nothing like self-striping sock yarn for that.

  2. Definitely the real thing. It came out to the club where my son plays last weekend too - so I have a photo of me standing next to it. It is really pretty when you see it close to. This must be a victory lap of Scottish rugby events!

  3. Oh - and I should add. We weWere told that there are two replicas of the Calcutta Cup. One in Edinburgh and one in London.

    Craiglockhart hospital is now part of Napier University.

  4. Nothing wrong with reading thrillers. It's pleasant sometimes to read a story where the good guys win and the baddies are properly punished.

  5. I'm still wading through "He Knew He Was Right."

    Trollope certainly has plenty to say about male/female relationships, and I have enjoyed some sections very much. But he does go on, and, once having established a character trait he rehearses it endlessly. I wonder what you thought about his satire on the American character? Do you really think that Trollope and Mary Ann Evans would have seen eye to eye? I respect the writer of "Middlemarch" and "Silas Marner" I never found boring at all, but one has to admit that George Eliot could be ponderous and moralising - humour never her strong suit.

  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Congrats on the shawl progress-sounds like the finish is in sight! :-)