Monday, March 04, 2019

That was a much better day, accomplishment-wise. Archie came, and we did our two circuits of the Garden, and then I did most but not all of a falls-prevention workout that I am meant to do three times a week. Two falls within six months (Reggio Calabria in October, Drummond Place a fortnight ago) are a Bad Sign, apparently. We got some other things done, too: piles of paper sorted, books re-shelved.

And I’ve finished the third Foldlines swatch-square, except for the garter stitch across the top, and the binding off. Dimensions will be revealed tomorrow.

Jenny, I was struck by your comment (two days ago) – how even following Kate’s arrangement of stripes in the Dathan hap leads one on to thinking about colour combinations and what pleases. I’m not at all sure I won’t dip into that tomorrow. I certainly won’t knit another Foldlines square – if this one doesn’t fit the specified gauge, I’ll choose the one with the fabric I like best and adjust the pattern as necessary.

As for reading, I mostly went on with Evelyn Waugh’s biography, with a bit of Anne of GG. I feel increasingly sure that I haven’t read either before. I also ordered a paperback copy of The Annotated Alice.

I have been toying with the idea of giving up Freecell for Lent, as well as Weston’s Vintage Cider. I know I can do without cider, because I do it every year. I’ll miss it. But Freecell…


  1. Giving up freecell for Lent!!!! I have been givngg it up for Lent for several years but this is the year that I'm not sure that I can cope without it. Maybe I'll try and enforce a limit of no more than three games at a time. I think that for this Lent I'm going to try and say a small prayer for me every day (everyone sing "I'ts not the preacher or the sinner but it's me O Lord, standin' in the need of prayer.") Odd, maybe, but it might be of benefit to family and friends and colleagues and pupils around me!
    I've nearly finished my first dpns project. What shall I attempt next... Short rows?

  2. Ah, Kirsten — I suspect you have fewer vices than I do. Many a year I have felt that I couldn’t possibly cope without Weston’s Vinyage Cider — but I’ve always managed it. Free cell, however...
    On e, on an Ash Wednesday long ago, I actually deleted the program. I’m glad to say Inwouldn’t know how to do that on a modern computer.

  3. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Oh no, please do not give up Freecell. You have a personal trainer and a falls prevention workout to help you physically. Look on Freecell as an exercise for the brain, to help with mental activity and responsiveness.

    Speaking of falls, have you considered your footwear? Some shoes have heels which taper, ie are narrower where they meet the ground than at the footbed. I find this can cause a wobble if walking on uneven ground. The heels which go straight up and down give a broader base and are more stable.
    best wishes Helen (anon)

  4. =Tamar12:04 PM

    Seconding the Freecell game as brain exercise. If you want to make a change, which is not a bad thing, maybe you could try a different game.

    The main fall prevention thing I'm working on is paying attention to lifting my feet as well as keeping my balance.