Friday, March 29, 2019

I’ve made a good start on finishing the Dathan hap.

The bind-off is interesting. I’ve done an i-cord bind-off before, and/or an i-cord edging – details are vague as supplied by memory – but I’m sure I’ve never done this one. It is: k1, k2togtbl, return the two stitches to the left-hand needle, repeat. Disconcerting, because that first k1 never gets bound off. When both are on the right-hand needle, I keep wanting to lift it over the other stitch in the usual fashion.

It’s making a very neat edge.

I’ve made a start on the weaving in of ends, too. That’s not quite as tedious as I expected, but it’s very slow.

This is going to take a while, and there’s no hurry. I’m thinking of making a start on the baby sweater, on condition that I don’t allow myself to work on it except on days when I’ve done an appreciable amount of Dathan-finishing already. The hap mustn’t slip down into UFO-dom. This evening would qualify, but I must do my Italian homework for tomorrow’s lesson.

There was a new post on the Kate Davies blog this morning – you’ve probably seen it. Not by Kate, but by another member of her team who is learning to knit. She says only that Kate is “unwell”.


Today was the great annual moment when Jersey Royal potatoes and English-grown asparagus were both first available at Waitrose. In other years, they have appeared simultaneously. This time, the potatoes were a week in advance.

I celebrated by making some hollandaise to dip them in for my lunch. Bad for the waist-line and the cholesterol. But it went off successfully, and was delicious. My father used to make hollandaise sauce on Sunday mornings. I don’t remember the breakfast – eggs Benedict? – or the taste, only his struggles with the sauce. He was by no means always successful – but he didn’t have the internet to advise him.


  1. That is a tidy little edging, and a bit quicker than i-cord, I think. Those are a lot of stitches to bind off, nice you can alternate with weaving in of ends. So envious of the potatoes and asparagus. Our are months away. This winter was so cold before we had much snow cover, I do hope the asparagus survived.

  2. Oh I envy you the potatoes and soon asparagus - I will see what they have got at the farm shop tomorrow. Never mind the cholesterol - we need a certain amount, and healthy fresh food is the way to go!

  3. KD has an entry on her blog today (5/1/19) that says, in words that move one to tears, that she's been struggling with bipolar disease. Hunt it up; she's turned off comments, because she says she can't cope with them for now.