Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A good day. Archie came, and we disposed of some more clutter. The sitting room is beginning to look as if we were about to move out. We did my walk, too, and harvested some wild garlic which grows freely in Drummond Place Gardens. I made a pesto of it and tossed it through pasta for my supper.

Knitting went well, too – another six rows of Dathan Hap. Nancy, I put your brilliant and simple idea into practice at once. First I marked off every 25 stitches. Then I decided that that was simply too many markers to endure, and took out the intermediate ones (after much counting and re-counting) so that everybody is now grouped in batches of 50.

Moorecat, I don’t think the hap is two isosceles triangles. The number-less schematic does indeed suggest that, but in fact the wingspan from the centre point to the end is longer than the spine. I think that is attributable to the fact that there are “extra” increases every four rows at the tip of the wingspan.

If you have the pattern, look at the picture on page 2 – the first page of text – where KD is holding the hap stretched out.

It could certainly be regarded as two right-angle triangles, and Archimedes could be pressed into service. The hypotenuse is the diagonal edge; the spine is one of the sides. But that involves a lot of hard work. It’s simpler to aim for 597 stitches. I think that means 296 stitches in each wing, plus the five in that central panel. And I’ve already passed 200.

The EYF has had to withdraw Nancy Brown Reinsel's classes because of "visa problems". What on earth? Some years ago there was a knitting festival on the campus of Sterling University which nearly collapsed altogether because nobody grasped until the very last moment that anyone entering the country from outside the EU in order to teach (=work), needed a visa. But surely neither the EYF nor Nancy would have made that mistake.


There’s a whole week of Lent disposed of already. I am always surprised to find that the time slips by as smoothly as it does during the rest of the year. And the Rev. Dotchin’s meditations are indeed excellent.

“He Knew He Was Right” continues to grow on me.


  1. China Doll 0039:17 PM

    Do you mean Beth Brown Reinsel? Gansy knitting specialist.
    She's a great teach and interesting person.

  2. With the state of both of our countries these days, any sort of mix up seems possible. That's too bad. She is a lovely person and good teacher. I can't remember what you used for the Polliwog. I remember an orangey yellow with some variegated stripes if that helps!