Monday, March 25, 2019

I am still feeling very weak, but I did my two circuits of the Gardens and got some other tedious chores dispatched and feel the better for it.

The hap continues well. I am now at the point where only 40 more stitches are required – only 16 rows, only 8 garter stitch ridges. Time for the end-game, in fact. I was horrified, yesterday, spreading it out a bit on the sitting-room floor so that I could measure the central spine, to see how long are these rows I am currently knitting. The two-stitch i-cord bind-off won’t be quick.

Anna, thank you! That is my swatch on the Knitsonic Instagram page, and I would have missed it entirely but for you.


Beth, thank you. I can’t remember reading Daniel Deronda. I’ll investigate, and proceed if it’s new to me. Or perhaps even if it isn’t. And, Mary Lou, I will add Siegfried Sassoon to the maybe-next-time list. His name is very familiar, and I know he was a hunting man, and I know where the hospital was where he and Wilfred Owen were treated before being sent back to the front: but I don’t think I’ve ever read him. (I didn’t check facts for that paragraph: I could be way out. There was such a hospital, but maybe Siegfried Sassoon was never there.)

I continue to enjoy the Claverings.

Thank you, too, for help and advice on my weakness. My appt with the Geriatric Medicine people is coming up soon. There was an encouraging article about Sir David Attenborough in this morning’s Times. He doesn’t like to commit himself to work more than 2 years ahead, it said, since he is 93 and you never know. It gives me hope that I may survive to board my Majestic Line cruise in May, 2020.


  1. You are correct, he was in Craiglockhart where he and Wilfred Owen became friends. I have to say I am not that familiar with his poetry, but read The Sherston Trilogy, of which Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man are part. I overheard two conversations yesterday with very young people (under 30) talking about how when they are really tired they exercise and feel much more energetic.

  2. Hunting... Have you read The Irish RM by Somerville and Ross? It was dramatised with Peter Bowled as the bemused RM. I bought the book because of the TV series. Great fun.