Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Andrew and Andrea were a bit of a disappointment today – and we’ve got to wait three weeks for the next one, because they'll be at the EYF next week. Andrea told us where and when they were to be spotted. But I spoke to her last year; that’s enough.

However, there was a podcast yesterday for patrons (of which I am one), Andrea talking to June Hemmings Hiatt, author of “Principles of Knitting”. I listened to perhaps half of it, during which time Hiatt expressed her enthusiasm for Shetland knitting belts and those long, rigid needles.

And I decided to take mine along, when I go to Shetland for my Wool Adventure in May. I bought them after my previous trip there, some years ago now, and never made any headway despite trying hard.

I had another good day with the Dathan hap. I did a stitch count – I had the same number of stitches in both wings; that’s good. And I had 333 stitches altogether, more than half of the 597 needed. That’s better than I expected. Pretty soon a single row will be a day’s work, but I’ve done six rows today and hope to knock off a couple more before bedtime.

I’m very pleased with the way it’s looking. I’m sure any arrangement of those wonderful colours would look good.

Here’s a pic:

Kate Davies offers a wingspan measurement as an alternative to achieving 597 stitches – but measuring the wingspan is quite impossible without a major stitch derangement. A measurement for that central spine would be a good deal more useful. The schematic is as innocent of numbers as the famous map in “The Hunting of the Snark”.


The House of Commons is probably dividing on the Brexit question at this very moment. The answer seems pretty predictable. What is to become of us?

I am reading happily on with “He Knew He Was Right” although I’m still not half-way.


  1. As I watch the news on CNN here in Maryland, it looks like Brexit is not doing well...

  2. Sorry - wrong sentence structure. CNN is decidedly NOT here in MD.

  3. Love the rainbow Hap!! I'd love a simple cardigan done that way.

  4. Rainbow hap looks good.

  5. Won’t the spine measure half the wingspan? The hap is two isosceles triangles, back to back.

  6. What will become of us? The UK crashes out of Brexit and Scotland goes for (and wins) independence on the back of a material change. Then Scotland re-joins the EU. Except even I, a committed Nationalist, don't wish that on the rest of the UK. We Scots have an escape route, if we have the guts to take it. They don't. So really, second People's Vote on Brexit is what most sane folk seem to be hoping for and then for the people to decide to Remain. Which will reduce the chance of Scottish Independence happening in my lifetime, sadly, but it would be so much better for the UK.

  7. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Thank you again for the link to the Lenten reflections. I have been enjoying them immensely!

  8. Anonymous2:52 PM

    For counting, when I have a long stretch to count, I mark off units of 25 with one color stitch marker and four of those (i.e., 100 stitches) with a second color. If the piece is increasing on each end, start counting from the middle keeping the left over number of stitches at each end. From then on, you only have to actually count the stitches in the first and last units. If those numbers are the same, you know you are increasing symmetrically. If starting with an odd number of stitches, isolate the middle stitch between two markers and put the stitches on either side into units of 25. As the end units reach 25, place another marker. When knitting the row, I occasionally count each unit to make sure they still have 25 stitches - I’ve found dropped stitches this way, soon enough to pick them up without too much difficulty. This method should mean you never have to count more than 25 stitches at one time.
    Nancy (nspwis on Ravelry)

    1. Nancy, I do the same thing but with only 20 sts between markers. You explained it much more succinctly than I ever could. AnnP

    2. And I do the same, again with even numbers depending on the total number. Nancy's explanation is really good. Thanks

  9. Just love all the colors! that's going to be stunning when you finish it. I think a cardigan would be nice with all those colors too !