Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My computer is being very peculiar this evening. It doesn’t respond to most mouse-clicks, touching the screen doesn’t work, I can’t load Word to write a blog entry for you. I can’t play Freecell. (I’ve cut right down in Lent, but haven’t dispensed with it entirely.) Unplugging doesn’t seem to work — it has found some electricity in the bottom of the battery. And yet I successfully wrote and sent an email.

There is nothing much to report anyway. I am not enjoying “Daniel Deronda” very much. It is hard to believe that this is by the author of “Middlemarch”. I will persevere until Daniel himself comes on stage — we have glimpsed him from a distance — or until we reach the Jewish theme promised by Amazon.

Knitlass, I forwarded your comment to Alexander and Ketki. Many thanks.

This comes from my iPad.

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