Wednesday, March 06, 2019

I've kept Lent for one day, If I can do that, the other 39 should be just about manageable. (In fact, it’s a few more than 40 days, if you include the Sundays.) My family is convinced that I will be ever so much more spry, without cider. The trick is to resist substituting chocolate for the missing carbohydrate. If I can do that, I will lose a bit of weight before this is over. That should contribute to spryness in itself, having less of a load to haul around.

I’ve had a grand day with KD’s Dathan hap. It’s great fun:

(It’s a top-down knit.)

Garter stitch is very demanding, for all its kindergarten reputation. Mine is pretty ragged.

I’ve got more than 100 stitches now. The target is 597. I’ve used all 12 of the original Millarochy colours. For the next pass, I’m going somewhat more random: drawing the balls blindly out of their KD carrier bag, then locating the first appearance of that colour and knitting a stripe of a different width. I’ve heard from the KD shop, that my order of the missing three colours has been dispatched. So by Friday…

I thought I didn’t like tweedy yarns, but Millarochy has won me round entirely. This is such an addictive just-one-more-row of a pattern that I think perhaps I will rush on and finish it. Foldlines will have to wait a bit.

And if Scotland should win the Calcutta Cup on March 16 – that’s next week – it will have to wait even longer. But that won’t happen.


I am very grateful for your suggestions, which I will note with care. I’m being drawn into Trollope’s “He Knew He Was Right”. Obviously, not a major work, or we would have heard of it, but the old boy never fails us entirely.


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    So great when knitting is particularly fun. I love knitting with multicolored yarns like Noro for that reason. I can't wait to see what comes next. Chloe

  2. Lovely colors. And yes, garter can look raggedy but that yarn will bloom after you wash it. Day two of Lent, you can do it!