Wednesday, February 12, 2020

All well. There’s nothing like a stout decision to start again, to put things right. Long ago I started the Princess – which also starts with the edging, in that case of amazing complicatedness. And had knit six or eight scallops, laboriously, when Sharon herself rang up to say that the yarn I was using wouldn’t do. What had I written, and where? The old KnitList? An early episode of this blog? In any event, I started again. And eventually finished.

I had been doing that edging for something like 50 iterations before I memorised it. I had a cataract operation that summer, with a local anaesthetic, and amused myself while it was going on by reciting the edging pattern to myself.

Here is a picture of the new one and the old, side by side. I left them there on the chair (unwise) and Perdita chose them for her afternoon nap. No harm done.

Today’s post brought me a 60cm 3.25mm KnitPro Karbonz circular – the sort of thing, if not a precise duplicate, of the one you see in my hands in the picture above. I tried it, and think I like it even more than the dp’s of yesterday. The point seems to slide more easily into the stitch, and the short length means that the cord doesn’t get tangled in the yarn in the frequent turns.


Where were we? I finished the Finzi-Contini as reported last Friday, and then read a Montalbano. In search of light relief, I went off to Ruth Rendell, “A New Lease of Death” – an early Wexford, rather curious. I’m now reading “No More Dying Then”, another Wexford but less curious. I have Ginzburg’s “Lessico Familiare” in my sights, if I’m strong enough.


Here’s the delayed avocado picture, from a different viewpoint this week. We’re still not quite in despair.


  1. The poor avocado. I've seen them growing in California so I imagine Scotland is not their idea of heaven. Could you raise it up so that more of it gets light? Could the curtains be parted during daylight?

  2. Goodness, Jean, I remember your cataract operation, so we have been virtual friends for ages! I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed seeing the Calcutta Cup photos. That vest is a beauty!

  3. I had a splendid amaryllis growing on the windowsill, the flowers huge and pale pinkly striped. It put up a second flowers talk which grew nearly 3ft. I was about to tie it to the window handle but it has crashed while I was out. I think it's a goner; shame, because the first flowers were amazing.

    1. I think we had an avocado tree in the garden in Djakarta back in the 1970s.