Saturday, February 08, 2020

England won.

It’s a stormy night. I thought that would be to our advantage.

I have written a slightly fuller blog post for you, but can’t post it.. Something has gone wrong with Google Chrome on my laptop. Maybe tomorrow I will figure out what I am doing wrong. Or we’ll have to wait for Archie.

Here's the slightly fuller version -- I have retreated, unhappily, to Internet Explorer:

England won. The Cup is gone.


I’m having computer problems – senile stupidity? or something wrong with Google Chrome? The internet is fine, as manifested by the iPad and the fact that I had an entirely satisfactory Italian lesson via Skype from Rome this morning. We’ll see, eventually. Meanwhile I wanted to write to you while news is fresh.


The weather is stormy. I thought that would be to our advantage. For much of the time, it looked as if this would be another draw. But in the end, it wasn’t. It simplifies the knitting, anyway.


The yarn arrived from Jamieson’s today, with a sticker on it saying “Signed For”. That’s one way of dealing with that problem. I am very pleased with the effect of the natural white, or whatever it is called. I finished all the work on the 2nd Dathan hap during the preliminaries to the game (“all the work” – except for blocking) and started the first edging scallop of the Cameron Shawl.


Various thoughts. (1) Is this an impossible ambition? Am I absurd to attempt it? And (2) the k2togs and ssk’s are much easier in cobweb yarn than they were in jumper-weight for Gudrun’s “Hansel” hap. I’m about halfway through the first scallop. It’ll be easier tomorrow in natural light.


  1. When Google Chrome fights me I can usually fix it by rebooting (restarting) my computer.

  2. Anonymous12:40 AM

    That Cameron shawl is ambitious for sure, but not impossible. Look at all those Cups you just posted! Not just fancy knitting, but design as well! This is just K1 P2, as all the muggles think. As long as your furry roommates don't get ahold of it, this will be a piece of cake, and great fun to be working on as the light returns.

    I loce the current Dathan so much!

    Beverly in NJ.