Monday, February 17, 2020

I was beaten by a hand at FreeCell today. That doesn’t often happen (ever since Mary Lou introduced me to ctrl-Z). It was humiliating.

The Cameron Shawl, however, proceeds without distress. Only one scallop to go until the next marker. And when I finish the edging for this side of the shawl, the next step looks easy enough: pick up 220 stitches per side; increase 8 or 9 per side; and start knitting the border charts from the top down. The centre square may prove more awkward.

Stashdragon (comment yesterday) your contribution to the search for the Spring Shawl is brilliant (=look on top of the furniture). Archie will be here tomorrow, and I’ll set him to work. Was it Sherlock Holmes who said, when you have eliminated everything else, the remaining possibility, however unlikely, must be right? And Perdita always was a climber – her original owner warned me of that, the day I first brought her here.

Paradox can do it too:

And here is a picture I found just now of Perdita, eyeing the Spring Shawl itself:

Remember that the ball of yarn was nearly at an end, so they wouldn't have left clues all over the room.

A propos comments yesterday about family expressions: Marjorie Allingham says somewhere, in one of her thrillers, that they are the one unbreakable code.

A propos nothing at all, really: Somebody got into trouble the other day for his (rather funny) transphobic tweets, but the judge let him off. And I wondered how and when I learned what those two words mean – “transphobic tweets”? It’s not at all obvious.


  1. I hate giving in to a freecell. It doesn't happen often (thanks to ctrl z!)
    It's what I give up for Lent... Bracing myself already.

  2. Re: the unbreakable code of family expressions, I was put in mind of the Mitford sisters and their way of finding commonality in their shared "language" while their individual lives veered off in every direction.

  3. If that photo isn't evidence, I don't know what is! Who do we know who is able to interrogate cats?

  4. =Tamar10:33 PM

    I have forgotten the writer and the novel, but the character used the English language as a code - using the legal-dictionary definitions of words in what seemed to be innocuous sentences.

  5. =Tamar10:34 PM

    A thought: I once found something that had been "lost" by looking between the cabinet and the wall. It had fallen off the top and stuck partway down.

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      You're right - good tip. This has happened to me, too.
      Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  6. OK, Jean, when (not if) you find the Spring Shawl, will you pick up where you left off with it, or will you continue with the Cameron? I personally think the girls have a bet going about how long it will take you to find it!

  7. I love that Paradox enjoys flaunting her exuberant tail.