Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A good, knitterly day, including an outing. I’ve done row 64 of the Cameron Shawl borders, still worried about the displacement I mentioned yesterday but now inclined to think that an attempt to fix it might make matters worse. I’ve polished off another motif.

And, after many a month of inactivity on that front, I’ve succumbed to the constant bombardment of messages about “bargains” from the people who took over Craftsy, and bought Norah Gaughan’s class on two-sided cables. Not so much in the hopes of learning anything, but because I admire her work so much. Do we ever learn much from workshops and on-line classes? We’re there to be inspired. Thomas’ Calcutta-Cup-draw scarf, pictured here recently, is a Gaughan two-sided cable. At least the one in the class isn’t that one.

And Andrew and Andrea are back, this time fresh from the Swiss Wool Festival. (Is Switzerland immune from the coronavirus, just as it was from World War II?) Andrew is wearing a sweater Andrea just finished knitting him, an Alice Starmore (I think it was) which she adapted from dropped shoulder to set-in-sleeve. It fits with extreme elegance.

The Festival looked good too. Banks of beautiful yarn.


Alexander drove over from Glasgow to see me today, instead of trusting himself to the usual train in the morning rush hour. He’s got coronavirus jitters, and I don’t blame him. He regards himself as elderly, now that he's turned 60. 

Here’s another picture of my new table, making it clearer about the stools which fit underneath. In yesterday’s picture they looked a lot like a convenient shelf for stowing one’s magazines on. That’s a good idea, Tamar, about removing one to make room for knees:

Thank you for your comments about “House of Leaves”. Weavenfool, I’m afraid it might be too creepy for me, too, but I’m tempted to have a look. Archie has read it, Alexander is trying.

So I go on with Trollope, for the moment.

Bitter lemon is great stuff, Sarah. Recommended. My Lent is going well, so far.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    House of Leaves is an interesting book. hard to categorize ... a bit existential, a bit stream of consciousness, a bit narrative. I read it some years ago and found it intriguing although a few parts seems to drag. Still, it was unique. Joe-inWyoming

  2. I often watch Andrea and Andrew to see the beautiful projects "under construction." Andrea is an amazing knitter! I'll be watching later this evening.

  3. I heard an ‘expert’ on the radio say elderly is 80and above or younger with an underlying health issue like emphysema, immune disorders, etc.. i’ve been wondering about ‘elderly’ since it has also been used as a word for people over 60 or 65. I’m 73 and can mostly stay home so I think I’ll be okay for now. My exposure is limited until week after next when I again start watching two of my grandsons after school. Then all bets are off.