Thursday, March 05, 2020

I had a good workout with my trainer this morning, including two circuits of the garden. The sun is beginning to have some warmth in it.

Knitting went well. I am most of the way across row 85 of the first two borders of the Cameron Shawl (counting down from 110). It’s sort of encouraging, with a slow multi-stitch project like this, to have this daily record to look back on. The same was true of the final stages of the Dathan hap.

I had an email from Misa Hay today, the wonderful woman who organises and runs the Shetland Wool Adventures, one of which I went on last year. She’s all booked up for 2020, I’m glad to report. But she had news of a new venture: a week on Fair Isle. Do have a look, even if, like me, you can’t possibly go. (I’m too weak.) I’d have jumped at the chance, 10 years ago.

The organiser has built into the system the possibility that you might not be able to get there on the day planned, because of the weather. In that case, you’re stuck in Lerwick (there are worse fates) until you can get across, and your week on Fair Isle begins when you arrive.

A propos the Oak Park scarf: my Wool Adventure included a lace-knitting session (most encouraging: I could still do it). They said that day – I think I’ve mentioned this before – that you shouldn’t interrupt a Shetland lace project by knitting something else. It upsets the tension your hands have become adjusted to. I’m still thinking about it.


Cat and Tamar, yes, my bath is well-equipped with grab bars. And it’s relatively low. Tamar, a grippy thing stuck to the bottom of the tub is a good idea. James and Cathy have one in their bath. I have a bath every morning when I’m there. Helen has wrought marvellous improvement in our Kirkmichael house in recent times, including a new bath. It’s so high that I don’t have baths at all.

I don’t think I have anything to say about the coronavirus today.


  1. Knowing you are well is virus enough information for me.

  2. I think almost any project if interrupted for very long will suffer from a change of tension. At least this is true for me. I have trouble being monogamous enough to finish a big project in one go but I do try to knit a row or two on all the WIPs every day or so. (Note the word is try.)

  3. We were at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and a woman seated behind us admired my husband’s fair isle vest. We got talking and she and her husband had just been to Scotland and Orkney and talked about Up Helly Ah. She talked about all the knitting she had seen, and wished she knit. A trip to Fair Isle....

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