Monday, March 09, 2020

An eventful day. I am still Aga-less. I spoke to my dear electrician this morning, and he hoped to be able to come, but phoned me at the end of the working day to say that events had overtaken him; he will come tomorrow morning. I could phone Aga but they would take at least twice as long to get here and charge at least four times as much.

I don’t have a microwave. One would be handy this evening. And I am sometimes tempted by those modern “one-pots” – pressure cookers, I think, with knobs and whistles.

Archie came, and we tackled the flat-pack kitchen table which was delivered on Saturday. We got as far as unpacking it and counting all the parts and screws, but were both completely baffled by the wordless instructions for assembly. Not enough Lego in childhood, either of us. Daniela’s husband came this afternoon and dispatched it in a brisk hour, a circular table and four triangular stools which fit neatly underneath. He speaks no English so words wouldn’t have helped. I think it’s a great improvement – the other one was (is) an excellent table, but too big for the space, and there were the chairs to get round as well. Picture tomorrow.

And I’m now knitting row 69 of the two Cameron Shawl borders. Here’s a progress report:

It’ll look better when it’s been blocked, I hope. Rows 73 and 71 were k3tog’s all the way across, a bit of a struggle. But they’re done.


It has been suggested by several people (including Rachel, the grandmother of the infant involved) that I shouldn’t go to London for that christening at the end of the month. I’ve got my un-refundable ticket; I don’t have to decide this week. We’ll see. London has the largest accumulation of coronaviruses in the UK, although that may be just because it’s got the most people.

Iceland has a surprisingly high number of cases, and very few people, but I have no plans to go there.

Trollope is holding up reasonably well.


  1. We survived with a kettle and a microwave foe several weeks when our electric cooker stopped working with a loud bang one Christmas Lunchtime. I hope your AGA gets fixed quickly if you haven't an alternative cooking contraption.
    I was very encouraged when I read that the corvid virus is destroyed by soap; the 'skin' of the virus 'bursts' because it is made of fats which soap dissolves, if I have got that right. I shall wipe over the school pianos I teach on with a soapy cloth. They could do with a clean anyway.

  2. Some of the airlines and trains are making an exception on people's travel plans and refunding might be a possibility if you explain your reasoning.

  3. We held out against a microwave for years, but now use it all the time. It's great for baked potatoes and also cooks salmon fillets very nicely.

  4. =Tamar6:02 AM

    Soap is better than the rub-on gels (which are better than nothing if soap is not available). Both are supposed to be used for a minimum of twenty seconds. It's odd how long twenty seconds seems.

    My favorite trick for k3tog is to insert the right needle as usual and just slip all three at once knitwise, then wrap the yarn around the right tip and use the left needle to psso three times. Then tighten.

  5. I commented on how I dislike k3tog, but it disappeared. No need to repost, Tamar's tip is a good one. I often lose on the stitches and have to re-do. this should help.