Saturday, March 28, 2020

The big news here today is that Paradox caught a mouse. She has been saying ever since we got back from Kirkmichael a week ago that they are about. I was sceptical – no droppings, no other evidence, certainly so sightings. But she’s the expert, and we live in a tenement. This morning while I was having my Italian lesson she was charging about, and when I got finished and went into the kitchen for some breakfast, there she was: with a mouse.

It was very small, but it was a sturdy city-bred mouse which provided a good half-hour of entertainment. For Paradox, if not for me. Breakfast was postponed. Country mice (a different species) tend to die promptly of shock.

I profoundly detest mice, but I love my cats. I’ve got a picture for you of the exhausted huntress, but for the moment I can’t get it over here from the iPad.

Otherwise, little to report. Helen is allowing her family out at least to shop. Her husband David brought me some cider. And my friend G. brought me some more, along with the Financial Times. I had brief, shouted conversations with both. Rachel phoned. They are all well, but getting rather tired of working from home.

And I have done no knitting. It must be something about Saturday. I told you, I think, that Brooklyn Tweed is out of Arbor in the colour (Vintnor) I think I have chosen for Foldlines. Today I tried Loop, the London shop where one happy day I met Shandy and we went to a class with Franklin. They’re the British outlet for Brooklyn Tweed and they’re got it all right (on sale, at that) – but they have suspended their on-line sales.

I was born in 1933 and grew up with the knowledge that “for the duration” means  “forever”.


I’ve found a Barbara Vine I don’t know -- “The Blood Doctor”. BV is a Ruth Rendell pseudonym, of course, and Barbara Vine books are slightly more weighty and this one is perfect for these troubled times. A man is writing the biography of his great-grandfather so there are lots of names and generations to keep straight. And Kindle-reading means I can look them up when necessary.


  1. I checked The Yarnery website, as their BT is currently on sale, courtey of BT. No Vintner, sorry to say.

  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    My Jack Russell Dougie is a keen ratter. We have hens,so there are often a couple lurking about. Dougie has the smelly habit of jumping in the top of the compost bin and squirming his way through,often coming out of the hatch at the bottom with a dead rodent between his teeth. We celebrate by chasing him around the garden and dunking him in the kitchen sink.


  3. =Tamar1:41 PM

    I didn't know that about city mice. I knew country mice have white feet, but I thought it was only a color variation.

    The neighborhood was unexpectedly quiet this weekend. I had expected the usual loud music, but aside from one two-hour onslaught while someone mowed their yard, it's been nearly silent.

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Try "A Yarn Story" for the Vintner.

  5. A fine mouse catcher! Hooray!