Friday, March 06, 2020

Well, guess what? The Spring Shawl! And guess who was to blame for its absence? Me.

Daniela found it. It was – is – in a drawer in the sitting room. I had of course looked there several times – but it is a deep drawer, with a number of extraneous things in it. Daniela found the drawer slightly pulled out (I took something out of it yesterday), and pulled it further out before pushing it in. The Spring shawl was at the back.

Blameless pussy cats!

So what now?  I don’t know. I am further on with the Spring Shawl than with the Cameron – two complete balls consumed. The one thing to be seriously glad about is that I didn’t start the Spring Shawl over again.

As for today’s knitting, I have finished Row 81 of the two Cameron Shawl borders, and established a new motif. That always feels like progress. It’s a lozenge shape made up entirely of k3togs: that's not so good.

Kate Davie never seems to write about knitting patterns any more. She has a post today about a feminist piecework blanket – I guess that’s knitting – with the interesting information that Glasgow University (an alma mater of mine) produces its own dk yarn. I’ll have to think of something to do with that.

They study textiles in the Art History dept there. It was one of the very first art history departments in GB. My husband was an early member of it. No textiles in those days.

Otherwise I have had not a bad day. An outing, in the pleasant sunshine. One or two small chores accomplished.

The coronavirus has had a good day, too. It will be interesting to see what my tutor (in Rome) has to say about it tomorrow. Apparently nobody knows why Italy is having such a hard time with it. Rachel rang up today, sounding cheerful. She is surrounded by it – there are two cases in the Kings College Hospital where she works. (She’s not in the wards – she’s in an office, studying twins; still, geographically close.) She thinks I shouldn’t go to London for the christening at the end of the month, if it goes on getting worse at this pace.

Now I must go do some Dante for tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Hooray for the spring shawl - although I had lots of entertainment imagining what those cats might have done with it.
    It would be a pity to miss the christening, but you want to be in good shape for the cruise in May.....

  2. Hurrah! What great news about the Spring Shawl. Are you absolutely certain that P&P has nothing to do with its disappearance into the drawer?

  3. Yipee! The lost is now found again. Even better that the kitties are blameless, didn't want to think about what they may have done with it.

  4. =Tamar8:21 PM

    I'm so glad the Spring Shawl has been found intact! It does remind me of all the times I've looked in the same place and found whatever it was the second (or third) time. And of course you were being sensible to put it in a safe place.
    Could someone video the christening and put it online somewhere? It's not the same as being there, but I see people putting everything on youtube nowadays, and of course videos can be taken down after they serve their purpose.

  5. So sad that it was the Royal Berks that had the first death in this country. That was where I started training - fifty four years ago, and now changed out of all recognition. It was interesting to see that the lady was not in hospital for the virus, just that they were testing everyone in intensive care with pneumonia and so they don't know where it came from.

    But now you have the Spring Shawl to lift your spirits. That should do you moe good than anything!

  6. Huzzah (I was looking for an acclamation that hadn’t been used yet).

    How would you travel to London? Flying or the train might leave you more exposed than being driven (by the wonderful Archie?).

  7. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Hooray for Daniela!

    In similar circumstances my father used to say '"That which was lost is found, and they were exceeding glad!"'

    Now you have the dilemma of which to complete first. I feel sure you can resolve that! I just look forward to the updates and admiring the photos when available.
    best wishes, helen (anon)

  8. So glad Daniela found your Spring Shawl:)! What a wonderful dilemna to have. Here in MD, our governor has already declared a state of emergency with only a few cases of coronavirus - yikes!

  9. Sorry MD means Maryland, USA

  10. I’m so glad the Spring Shawl has been found! I knew it would be, eventually, and I really didn’t think the cats were to blame.....I think, since you have the momentum going on the Cameron, you’ll probably be best sticking with that for now and then re-learn the Spring Shawl pattern when you’re done with Cameron. Unless of course you really want to have a completed Spring Shawl first.....

    I tend to agree with Rachel about your traveling to London for the Christening. If you were going by car it might be OK but I believe you were going by train and I think the dangers of all those possibly contaminated surfaces in public transportation are just a bit too dangerous. I know it will be a disappointment.....

  11. So happy to hear the Spring Shawl has come back to light. I agree with Maureen, it might be best to stick with the Cameron since you have gotten into the rhythm of it. The idea of a video of the christening sounds good too. It doesn't need to be posted on You Tube, since you have family coming and going all the time, if one of them films it they can share it with you when they drop in.There may be something simpler but you would have to ask Archie or someone much younger than myself. All the best, Judy

  12. Yaay on the Spring Shawl!

  13. Spring Shawl is found. If nothing else it puts an end to that nagging thought of its whereabouts. I was to have lunch with a retired friend who has some health issues. His MD told him in no uncertain terms not to go out to a restaurant and to wait to socialize until this virus has passed. We have had only one known case here, someone who had been on one of those cruise ships. The big trade show for yarn etc. in Cologne in March has been cancelled. Perhaps saving your strength for May isn’t a bad idea.

  14. The Virus isn't causing a Huge fuss here in West Sussex, just making people careful. I visit 7 different schools per week and have 15 students come to my house. Sanitiser has appeared in two schools so far. I'm just keeping an eye on how it goes.
    Glad the shawl reappeared. Hibernating, obviously, waiting for the warmer weather?

  15. Anonymous8:39 PM

    How wonderful that the Spring Shawl was found. Don't feel too bad that it was further back in that deep drawer ... I've often found things in the spot I thought I left them, once I really took the time to look thoroughly. Often a very deep project bag containing several items. I'm glad it was safe and can be resumed. As to the corona virus - we can only practice safety precautions and make certain we wash our hands often and thoroughly. Take care - Joe-inWyoming

  16. Stupaj3:52 PM

    Sooo happy the Spring Shawl has been found and in good shape! Also thrilled the Kitties are no longer suspects!