Tuesday, March 03, 2020

I’m halfway across Row 91 of the Cameron Shawl borders (counting back from 110). It’s a bit trickier than preceding pattern rows and is going slowly. The ball of yarn now looks very depleted and surely can’t last more than a day or two. I could polish it off this evening if I were younger and brisker.


It is probably just as well – I would never have predicted that I could say this – that there is no Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year. It would have been this month, and the wonderful market is just the kind of crowded event, with everybody touching things, that we are trying to avoid.

I am going to London at the end of the month for a great-granddaughter’s christening, as I have mentioned before. I’ve got my tickets. But I decided today not to get an expensive new dress, just in case unnecessary travel is being advised-against by that time. London is stuffed with people. Age makes me vulnerable.

And speaking of vulnerability, I was glad to learn today that the Pope has been tested for COVID-19 and hasn’t got it. He’s old, and often exposed to crowds, and he has a cold at the moment, bad enough that he is staying home from a Lenten retreat, and he had half a lung removed surgically long ago.


I am playing Freecell ad lib, since I am not drinking cider in Lent. It has been a long time since I “lost” a game – i.e., gave up – and I am determined, at least, not to do that in Lent. I find myself struggling against a series of stinkers. Freecell is getting harder, or I am getting stupider. Either is possible.


  1. =Tamar2:29 PM

    If I recall correctly, you keep track of which games you have played and won, and don't repeat them. I think it is in the nature of things that at least some of the remaining games will be harder.

  2. I have adopted the attitude of "blow this" when I find I have painted myself into a corner with Freecell. I am allowed to lose. Losing is good. I spent so much of my childhood "failing" to learn chess, because I didn't want the serious lectures about all the wrong moves I had made when he beat me - and he HAD to beat me: it was in the contract.

  3. I'm glad the Pope doesn't have Corona Virus. I'm also glad he rests and is careful when he has a cold. I'm sending my mom a big bottle of Airborn Vitamin C gummies. She's careful but Washington has had more cases than here, I know.
    Stay warm and hydrated, Jean.