Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I haven’t done any knitting today. What’s the matter with me? Maybe soon, when the news comes on.

I was desperately touched to learn, earlier in the day, There’ll-Always-Be-An-England-Dept, that Prince Charles qualified for coronavirus testing as an over-70 with symptoms. And as for there always being an England, it is one of the very brightest notes in these dark days that Scotland suddenly seems to be a fully functioning and non-grumbling member of the United Kingdom.

I didn’t get out for my walk today. No excuse. I felt almost afraid to leave the house.

I am rather regretting that dentist’s appt last week, I was reluctant to go, but put my reluctance down to cowardice about the climb. The dental practice is almost within sight of my front doorstep – but straight up. I left an excess of time, and was pleased with how quickly I got there. I was made welcome and settled down in the opulent waiting room with coffee and the Scottish Field.

After my half-hour with the hygienist (an old friend) I learned that the dentist hadn’t turned up yet. “Stuck in traffic.” How so? There isn’t any traffic. More coffee. More Scottish Field. One of my few remaining teeth shows signs of trouble, but we agreed to leave it until next time.

It was only after I got home that I grasped that there weren’t any other customers. The practice has since closed. That was eight days ago. I’m probably OK.


  1. I imagine you are safe what with all the hygienic precautions they take in the Dentist these days. It’s lovely that your neighbors are looking our for you. We in Minnesota just got a shelter in place order. But really, I’m going to share some links to Italian mayors chastising their citizens. It will be a good laugh and good Italian practice.

  2. I can quite sympathise with your reluctance to leave the house. Why not get your trainer - by phone or e-mail - to suggest some gentle stretching exercises that you could do safely indoors? It's hard to believe it now, but this too will pass, provided that we all follow the guidelines.

  3. Strange times indeed. I'm attempting the Arne and Carlos knitalong, but discovering that reading the charts and understanding the simple instructions is ridiculously difficult. I've now made a rule; after the third time of tinking I put it away and do something different. I feel as though I'm waiting... for... I dunno... just waiting...!

  4. I think we all have those regrets about things we did just before being shut down (or in). Now it's all about everything holding together until we can restart a more normal life.

  5. =Tamar7:22 PM

    Please pick up your knitting and do at least one stitch.
    I, too, have a tooth that needs attention, but so far, so good.
    I'm lucky, I guess. I'm accustomed to just pottering about the house and spending time online. There are many discussion groups out there, on all kinds of topics. I don't often comment but I enjoy reading the comments. It's rather like auditing a class.