Thursday, March 12, 2020

What a world! Goodness gracious me! I’ve told London that I probably won’t be coming to the christening next week. Staying away is called "social distancing" apparently. Weavinfool, you’ll be vulnerable, looking after grandsons. You know that. But I don’t regard you as particularly elderly. Mr Trump is crazy. We all know that.

I am much reminded of The Masque of the Red Death. Mr Trump and Prince Prospero would find they had a lot in common.

I’m beginning to have twinges of anxiety about my cruise in May. Twelve passengers, four crew: we’ll be fine. I’ve had a cheerful email from the Majestic Line, looking forward to the new season and recommending themselves as a “staycation”. But I’m a bit anxious – not about going, but about being allowed to go.

AND I’ve lost my key to Drummond Place Gardens, just as the first wild garlic is ready to harvest. I had it on Tuesday.


Thank you for your comment, Joe. Archie is coming tomorrow, and will lend me his copy of “House of Leaves”. I’m not promising to read it all the way through, but I’ll have a go. I enjoyed Nabokov’s “Pale Fire” many decades ago (if I’ve got the right title). A narrative poem, with notes, and you need both for the story. Nabokov himself suggested you buy two copies.

I persevere with Trollope. Another odd thing about “Mr Scarborough’s Family" is that the author doesn’t seem to like any of his characters. There is a bit of young love, but so far the participants are relatively minor characters, offstage for much of the time.

And – I nearly forgot – I’m doing row 60 of the Cameron Shawl borders.


  1. Here's hoping the key turns up before the garlic is finished! My sister works in the dean's office of a medical school in Texas - they have canceled conferences, people flying in for job interviews and all work-related travel. So maybe staying home isn't a bad idea Jean. Let's hope all is quiet by the time of your cruise.

  2. =Tamar8:11 AM

    I enjoyed Pale Fire when I read it, decades ago as an English Major.

    Somewhere I read a statement that "social distancing" means staying six feet away from everyone and not going anywhere there will be more than ten people. That would make shopping very difficult.

  3. I'm currently knitting a very simple project - with my left hand. My right wrist and arm is encased in a huge plaster after breaking my wrist in a fall. Hurrying down a grassy slope in a hailstorm is not a wise move.