Sunday, March 29, 2020

I went back through my March posts yesterday – surely a month none of us will ever forget – hoping that they would add up to some sort of story, but they don’t. You’d have to take them with a serious dose of some newspaper or other, to make any sense of it.  

It’s mildly interesting, and to my mind mildly depressing, that the USofA, like many other countries, seems to be rallying round its leader. Biden seems to be as useless as Jeremy Corbyn at striking a different note – or any note at all.

I have had another day of total seclusion. I spoke to Alexander, who says that life on the shores of Loch Fyne is much as it has always been, except that nobody’s  going down to the pub. He thinks it is just as well that I am not going out at all. I did a bit of mild exercise today.

And some knitting. That is beginning to seem almost irrelevant, although the Sunday papers continue to promote it as a settler of nerves.

My son James sounds as if he's enjoying himself -- he can do what needs to be done as the Economist's China editor from home, and spend the time saved from commuting and the coffee machine, in his beloved garden. Rachel, another Londoner, is less enthusiastic -- she used to spend the commuting time reading her book, and enjoyed the coffee machine. I suspect the difference is that James' wife is providing -- or at least organising -- lunch for four, as is Rachel. 

Tamar (comment yesterday), do you have access to Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse”? It is brilliant on the differences between town and country mice, both in the text and even more in her wonderful drawings. Both species, clearly, are averse to cats.


  1. I downloaded the complete Beatrix Potter tales onto my Kindle quite cheaply at the beginning of March for light reading. The tales are amusing, and slightly dark when read through adult eyes. I need to read them on the app on my tablet to enjoy the pictures properly.
    We did church on 'zoom'; it was great to see so many familiar faces.

  2. I am going to have to get the Beatrix Potter tales, as well. I have one or two of the little books, but not the Tale of Tommy Town Mouse. Something to look forward to!

  3. I think your best observation on the "situation" was that one about being in the third chapter of a second-rate disaster story. If only you could tell us how it all ends...

  4. I have been working from home #WFM for over two weeks - a new employee lives in New Rochelle and her parents had returned from a European trip at the end of February - so from the 11th of March i have been at home... have only been out once each past weekend - not at all this weekend... unfortunately for me we have been busier at work then ever - our company is an online software product - so my hours have actually increased (since my commute took an hour eaach day and i dont have that now).. i am exhausted ... and have piles of boxes to unpack from my recent move (second in two years).. i am grateful for a job but hope things calm down a bit.

    i rarely check FB and Instagram now bec everyone is figuring out things to do with all the extra time off.

    remember those of us who keep your internet and websites up and running.

  5. Also regarding NY - its very bad here and is going to get much worse.. you can go on youtube and watch Cuomo's masterful calm press conferences every day - he is leading with dignity and grace and .... in contrast to the nut in the WH.. i have NEVER been so proud to live in NY state (i was born and grewup in Louisiana but left in my early 20s. )

    1. Upstate NY person here: strong agree. Cuomo doing good job with hard thing.

  6. =Tamar1:19 AM

    Yes, the entire 1918 book is on Project Gutenberg, pictures and all. I know I read her work when I was young but it's been a long time.
    I have not gone out for non-necessary reasons since mid-February, though I do have to go out to mail bill payments. Fortunately I'm somewhat reclusive anyway. I think it is important to continue regular habits (like knitting!) when possible.

  7. Dear Southern Gal, Thank you for keeping the interwebs alive! I honestly don't know what I'd do without the ability to get in touch with the rest of the world.
    Gail in Raleigh

  8. Oh, and while I'm here, I don't hear any rallying around the President, only increasingly bitter criticism.

  9. Rallying around? I guess you mean poll numbers. There's no rallying around around here.