Monday, March 16, 2020

I’ve been listening to the PM’s press conference and am consumed with confusion and anxiety. Does our little trip to Kirkmichael this coming Wednesday constitute non-essential travel and/or non-essential social contact? Our cruise in May will certainly qualify under both headings. I’ve got a dental appt tomorrow (routine cleaning). Should I cancel? I can self-isolate up to a point, but I can’t give up Daniela without sinking into squalor. My trainer has given up face-to-face teaching. I will miss her dreadfully.

Giving up cider for Lent is difficult but do-able. Imposing an exercise regime on myself is another matter.

You will remember that on Saturday morning I tried to book a supermarket delivery for today or tomorrow – and couldn’t get a slot until Friday. Today I tried to book one for next Monday, and couldn’t get anything all this week or next. I’ve got one a fortnight today, and can add to the list until virtually the last minute. And of course the instinct in such circumstances is to stockpile: more cat litter! more cat food! Shortages are self-perpetuating.

Perhaps the sensible thing to do is to stockpile supermarket delivery slots. I think I'll go ahead and book April 6.

Federica said at the end of our last lesson that we would do better to talk about Dante next time, instead of the coronavirus. Similarly, here: knitting.

I’m doing row 47 of the Cameron Shawl borders, polishing off a motif. (It wasn’t a very productive weekend.) For the next twenty rows, there will be nothing except the Trees of Life, six per border. And when that’s done, we’re nearly home.

Queer Joe has posted a second “Knitting with Queer Joe” video, as individual and charming as the first one. Find him on YouTube.


  1. Thank you for the pointer to the Queer Joe video. I shall look forward to it.
    That's a sharp idea, booking ahead deliveries! And go, go, to Kirkmichael. How could that be Inessential Travel!
    Knitting is a great solace (well, more crochet at the moment.) I'm interested in the idea of a knitted tree of life pattern. Another thing to investigate. Your blog is stuffed with as many plums as a pudding!

  2. Ps I've stopped piano teaching as from today (such an insanitary profession at the best of times) but No Way am I self-isolating. I shall just hang out with a few friends, stay away from close-packed crowds and take my own refreshments when we go out. And take my knitting, of course.

  3. Here's one for "oh that's terrible" list: I'm letting my hair grow out and it is at a really awful stage. And the hair salon just called to say "corporate" had told them to stop all "hair services" for two weeks. I guess I will self-isolate and ask my husband and the cats to just close their eyes. UGH.

    Hope you get to go on all your trips. We had a knitting cruise booked for late May and it's been cancelled. Well, I had been refraining from buying yarn until after the trip, so now I guess I can buy yarn to my heart's content!

    1. We've been isolating since Ash Wednesday to protect hubby & elderly lady cat, both with asthma diagnoses. I cancelled hair appointment without explaining, said I'd call when I was ready to reschedule. I'll be quite a sight when it is safe to go out!

  4. Finally a stockpile choice I understand - supermarket delivery slots! Very sharp indeed. I enjoy at least a few remarks about COVID-19, just because what is happening where you live is so different and yet so similar to where I live, North Carolina. This is an aid to my perspective.

  5. Here in Toronto the Royal College of Dental Surgeons is recommending that all not emergency dental work be postponed. So no cleaning for me! �� We had a river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest starting May 2 but since Hungary has closed its borders and PM Trudeau is urging everyone to stay home or come home ASAP I'm pretty sure I'll be staying right here come May.

  6. Couldn't you say Kirkmichael is more isolated, so you are helping the social isolation?

  7. Here in Melbourne the supermarkets have suspended all deliveries due to overwhelming demand. They are also restricting one early hour of trading to disabled and elderly customers.

    The first five weeks of Aussie Rules football has been scrapped and my spinning and weaving retreat weekend has been cancelled.

    Meanwhile I’m laid up with a badly wrenched knee. No driving for six weeks so I’m socially isolated anyway! Luckily my son is learning to drive so he is happy to chauffeur me wherever I need to go.

  8. =Tamar1:04 PM

    I think the point of the travel restriction has to do with public transit. If traveling by car, the only exposure is when buying fuel. If people are reasonable, that should not be an issue. Pump handles can be wiped with alcohol wipes, and credit cards pay at the pump (here, anyway).
    Booking deliveries ahead is going to be essential, I feel. Is it possible to make it like a subscription, with automatic deliver of basics?

  9. I should think Kirkmichael is isolated enough to be a good idea. One thing about working from home and going few places, I can catch up on things I’ve meant to watch, like Andrea and Andrew. If anyone wants a laugh, I’ve been awaiting a yarn delivery and was excited to see the UPS truck yesterday. I grabbed the box and it turned out to be a colo-rectal test kit (in lieu of colonoscopy). Ain’t getting older fun?

  10. Syd T4:51 PM

    Brilliant! storing up delivery slots!