Tuesday, March 24, 2020

And here we are, a day in. I am beginning to feel that I must be the Designated Old Person in Drummond Place, so many and so valuable have been the offers of help. The best one today was, Can I get you some sausages from Crombie’s? I had meant to go myself, but was held in by yet another expected delivery (which eventually arrived).

It sounds very much to me as if life on the east coast of the US is much like life here; presumably so also on the west coast. It is probably different in between. Governors and mayors are doing rather well. Perhaps there’s much to be said for federalism. On the other hand – I hope this is not too rose-tinted – we suddenly seem to be a United Kingdom again, for which thank goodness.

As for knitting, I’ve finished row 30 of the Cameron Shawl borders (counting down from 110). Pretty soon – row 27, in fact – I will have to embark on the final filler patterns, as the Trees of Life themselves get narrower. But at the moment, all is peaceful.

I’ve hesitated on the brink of Foldlines, but haven’t yet acted. Brooklyn Tweed has a wide range of reds in its Arbor yarn. I am torn between two towards either end of the spectrum – “Vintner” or “Mesa”. But is this the moment for such extravagance? Should we not all be knitting from stash, and cooking from the freezer?

I suddenly found, just then, that I was writing in the Greek alphabet – without even a cat having walked across the keyboard. I’ve re-started. All is well. But the experience reminded me that I have been meaning to draw to your attention an ancient Greek whose name is mentioned, in adjectival form, at least once every hour, these days,  here in GB. Not Achilles or Socrates or Archimedes or Helen of Troy. Here’s his Wikipedia link.


Allison, thank you – I am glad to know that my previous doom-laden remarks here referred to the financial crisis.

Moorecat, can I recommend the Pope’s daily Mass (vatican.va)? We could choose to have an American nun (I’m guessing) provide a simultaneous translation, but I prefer to listen to the Pope himself – he looks remarkably like Jonathan Pryce – despite my limited comprehension.


  1. We are right in the middle of the country, Chicago suburbs, and the 3 states around us, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, are all on lockdown. My daughter is working for Target (groceries, pharmacy, and everything else) so she is on the front lines. The company is being very good to her, but we worry, from afar.

  2. As for knitting from stash and cooking from the freezer, you probably owe it to your readership to knit with a lovely new yarn! Not only will you enjoy all the attendant decisions surrounding the purchase, you will bring pleasure to many when you write about said decisions, not to mention the pictures. Oh yes, it's your clear duty to light a candle in these dark times. :)

  3. working for an online software company we are very busy - have been working from home for two weeks.. have not had a slow day yet. i live north of nyc but in the county which has patient zero for nys infections. so the county two weeks ago started on 'non essential workers stay home'.

    in the midst of the virus i have had bad news from three friends - one was found to have a brain tumor yesterday and is being operated on today, the second was found to have breast cancer and is having a procedure today and the third is a major singer who lost income due to cancellation of a major series of operas and now her husband has been laid off.

    and the husbands cannot be in the hospital with their spouses - at all.

    i am grateful that i still have a job and my health (fingers crossed).

    stay safe and healthy everyone

    Jean - i hope you will take up all the offers to help you - please dont go to any shops ... walk in your square daily but please take care and stay inside!

  4. =Tamar5:15 PM

    Maryland has directed that all non-essential businesses close, as of four days ago (Monday that was). I found out yesterday. Rush hour traffic was down to levels not seen here for thirty years.

  5. I vote for a glorious red from Brooklyn Tweed. All small businesses can use our support in these times. We here in southwestern Vermont are homebound. My husband is working from home and I am accomplishing copious amounts of knitting. The Squatter in the People's House has no business being there. The idea that he projects opening the country for business on Easter Sunday is beyond absurd. My only hope is that all the Governor's will stand their ground and keep us all home and out of the way of those who must go to work. Vigilance of the strictest order is what is required.