Saturday, June 20, 2020

Not a bad day, I guess, although I am flattened by nap-less-ness. Italian lesson, then Helen and I went out to have coffee with a neighbour in her garden. It was one of the most extraordinary sessions of Oh-do-you-know-whatshisname that I have ever seen. Helen says that that’s an aspect of life she particularly missed, living in Greece.

Someone – perhaps my brother-in-law – once said that there are only about 125 people in the world; the rest are cardboard cutouts. This morning’s experience would seem to verify that.

Then a bit of inactive afternoon gap, then Daniela came and put everything to rights yet again. Now I had better go cook myself some very belated lunch.

I have proceeded with the EPS sleeve, and should finish it before the MKAL begins next week. I trust it will come to me of its own accord.


Ron, thank you. That is certainly the episode of Arne&Carlos I am looking for. Apart from sleeve proportions, there were some interesting remarks about upside-down stitches. But I can’t find it either. Why on earth should they have taken it down? There was nothing in the slightest either saucy or racist; and there’s nothing else in the universe objectionable these days.

Mary Lou, thank you for the pointer towards Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles. I’ll have a look.


Archie was briefly here today, leaving a bicycle before he went off into town to meet a friend. He asked, as often, “What are you reading?”, and I said, “Sybille Bedford”, and he went straight to Wikipedia. I should have done that myself. Her biography is interesting, and the book (“A Legacy”) is apparently a disguised autobiography. More to come.


  1. I love that Archie asks "What are you reading?" I use that for a conversation starter in knitting classes, and have gotten lots of excellent recommendations. I am not only reading Pale Rider (I don't remember what I have said here, and what I haven't...) but listening to the audio book of "The Warmth of Other Suns." It is beautifully read, and a chapter in our history that was really skipped in class in my time.

  2. =Tamar1:23 AM

    Sometimes I suspect there are random troublemakers out there, and any hint of a complaint leads to an automatic removal. I've seen videos removed supposedly for copyright violation when I know the amount reproduced was well within the legal limit. I can't imagine what could have been objected to about upside down stitches as a design element. Could it be that they themselves wanted to change something?

    A LiveScience article said that on average, most people can recognize 5,000 faces, a small-town's-worth. Some can recognize 10,000. But that was from a small study of only 25 people, and they weren't required to remember the name, only say whether the person was "familiar". Supposedly there have been college professors who could remember every student from many decades of teaching. 125 seems as though it would require a close relationship to quality as "real".

    1. =Tamar5:12 PM

      I meant "qualify". Dratted typos.

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  4. I'm very excited today; my yarn for the MKAL arrived! Good job getting it to me all the way from Suffolk to Texas in only 12 days. All I need to do now is wind it up and watch my e-mail on Monday. I'm so glad you called this yarn to my attention, Jean. It's lovely.

    (I don't know if there's a way to edit typos without deleting and re-writing?)