Thursday, August 03, 2023

 I think I’m better, but what was wrong? At any rate, I did some knitting today, and went in to the dining room for supper tonight

Thursday: I wrote that much last night, and was then overwhelmed by a go-to-bed-right-now tiredness. Slept well, feel a bit peppier this morning. We shall see.

Knitting is going well. That’s a good sign. I’ve finished attaching edging to the first side of the shawl and have begun the long, long crawl along the second side. I have, of course, suddenly been deprived of the comforting thought that I’ve got “all of August.” August is slipping away at an alarming rate. The baby  isn’t due until the second half of September. And I’m going to have to figure out how to block the shawl. 

Helen has been here this morning. She has been having a terrible time with the Downstairs Lavatory. The downstairs neighbour is undoubtedly suffering. It is not yet absolutely clear that it’s our fault. All water has been turned off in our Downstairs Lavatory for weeks, but Victorian tenements are tricky. Where, exactly, is the leak? And what is feeding it?

Helen brought Mungo for a visit on Tuesday. He had heard that Cramond was Edinburgh’s grandest care home, and was expecting Gothic splendour. It’s not like that. It’s a new build, lacking in architectural distinction but full of useful features. 

Wordle: an easy three for me today.

WordleBot disgraced itself the other day. I had various brown letters and typed in STELE for line three. Wrong, but lots of greens so I got the right answer, STYLE, in line four. WordleBot, consulted subsequently, said after line two that there was only one possibility. They admitted after line three that STELE was a perfectly valid English word and made a feeble excuse. Alas, however, I can’t recover the text to show you. 


  1. Hooray! Lovely to hear from you again. In one of the Harry Potter books there is a ghost in the bathroom which causes floods. I suspect plumbers and builders may still be a better bet than a priest though.

  2. Yes, it is annoying when the Wordlebot does that - tell you that there was only one choice, but then you had used a perfectly good word and it wasn't the answer, so it took you another try to get it right. I've had that happen as well. Sometimes it is helpful and you get new ideas of ways to look at things, other times, not so much. Glad you seem to be feeling better.

  3. Mary Lou3:48 PM

    Good to have you back - I've had the same experience with wordlebot - annoying! Gothic splendor and useful features may not co-oexist! Remember, can always find blocking help. Any news from Daniela?

  4. Marilyn from Chicago6:42 PM

    Glad you are feeling better, I worry about you.

  5. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I was furious the other day when Wordle refused to accept the word “caryatid.” In addition to being a perfectly good word, it was a pangram that day! I sent a sternly worded note to the NYT but received an unedifying form response.
    Barbara M. In NH

  6. =Tamar4:22 AM

    Computer dictionaries in general lack some fine and useful words.
    It's good to hear that you are feeling better. The storm here didn't seem to do much for the temperature, but the annual sudden cool weather that has come around August 2 for the last four years has arrived, bringing much-needed relief to central Maryland.
    If all water has been shut off, and the upstairs neighbors are cleared, then perhaps a supply pipe has corroded nearly through and has a pinhole leak. Awful to think of but it should be tracked, perhaps by putting a harmless dye down specific pipes, a different color per pipe. A plumber should be able to do it.

  7. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Jean, I think your "downstairs lavatory" is above the downstairs (basement?) neighbours who are having water coming in? It sounds to me as though getting the lavatory floor up is going to be necessary, though Helen naturally is well able to sort this out without my suggestions.

    I do remember that my parents in law were "accused" by their downstairs neighbour of having a leak in their bathroom which was making the ceiling below wet. They denied it utterly and there was a lot of ill feeling. Eventually a plumber took the bathroom floor up and the "accusation" was correct: although the water to the cistern and various taps had been turned off without any diminution of the downstairs leak, this was because the water was coming from a pipe beyond where the turning off had taken place.....if that make any sense. A new piece of piping was fitted and all was peace again. I hope your issue proves as easily resolved.