Monday, August 14, 2023

 It was a super birthday, not least because I’m feeling much better. We all convened at Helen’s house, where access is easier than at Drummond Place— Rachel and Ed, Alexander and Ketki, James and Cathy, and a healthy representation of the succeeding generation. Helen and David joined us by Zoom from their luxurious Greek hotel.

But best was my dear cat. I called “kittykittykitty” as soon as I crossed the threshold. Archie said “She won’t come. I’ll fetch her in a minute.” Another couple of steps brought me to the foot of the stairs and there she was, coming down, tail at the perpendicular. We spent some QualityTime together until the rest of the party assembled.

She wasn’t seen again until the party was breaking up. Then she reappeared, un-called, and did some ankle-twining. Dear cat.

Now everybody is on their way home.

And I must take myself in hand and try to regain some strength. Especially strength enough to get down six steps with a handrail — it won’t be safe for Wafa and me to stay at Drummond Place if I can’t get out in an emergency.I’m booked here at Cramond for another month. It’s hard not to sink into the care and comfort.

Knitting has advanced somewhat. I’m very slightly more than halfway across the second side, attaching edging to the border. 

Wordle: I dream of the day when we all score the same. Yesterday and today came as close as dammit. We all scored four today except Rachel, who needed five. Yesterday it looked as if the birthday scores were all going to be three. What a glorious birthday that would have been! But Mark spoiled it with a glorious two of his own.



  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    How delightful that Perdita was able to wish you a happy birthday in her own way.

  2. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Happy you had a good birthday but my heart breaks for poor Paradox. Poor unhappy girl.

  3. =Tamar12:20 AM

    Aw, she remembered you.
    What a nice party! And more motivation to be diligent about physio.
    We had a quick thundershower here in Maryland, just at rush hour. Scary sounding and enough rain to wet things down, but no flooding that I could see, despite the official flood warning. Then back to seasonal sun and heat.

  4. Happy, happy birthday Jean! Your blog has made me smile and taught me so much!

  5. Anonymous12:59 AM

    So glad you had a super birthday - well deserved! Terrific to have so many generations together in one place.
    And so nice you could visit with your beloved cat.
    You will maybe have renewed energy for physiotherapy and exercise with the goal to return home on schedule?
    have a great week
    Lisa RR
    Lisa RR