Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Baby Surprise, Finally

The Baby Surprise -- finished! Posted by Hello

Inspired by yesterday's success at actually getting an illustration INTO a blog entry again, look what I did -- I sewed those buttons on! Here is the finished Baby Surprise, showing not only the buttons but, if you peer, the neat applied i-cord edging which two blog-readers suggested.

Now all we need is a baby. He's due next month -- or she is, as the case may prove -- and I'll let you know when it happens.

Meanwhile I might mention why I used the word "Stillwater" yesterday of the forthcoming Fair Isle. That is because the stitch pattern will be Alice Starmore's "Stillwater" pattern from her book of the same name. I'm not knitting her sweater -- I couldn't stand to do all that checkerboard edging -- but I think the pattern itself is extremely clever, getting away from the horizontal-stripe effect of so much Fair Isle. I may actually finish the ribbing and start the fun bit this very day.

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