Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Quick Touching of Base

The non-Wallaby Wallaby progresses well. I put in a row of purl bumps, in the end (not a contrasting yarn), where the pouch will be attached. I may reach the Actual Moment this evening. Next will be the problem of figuring out how to size the pouch -- the original Wallaby pattern doesn't give a row gauge, but phrases its instructions for the pouch in terms of the number of rows.

Common sense should see me through. I'll start out the Wonderful Wallaby way, decreasing one at each end of every other row. After all, I'll have more stitches, since I'm working in a finer yarn. There may be little agjustment needed.

The next question, once our friends leave, will be to decide whether to carry on, or whether to go back to the Fair Isle cardigan. I've found a pattern that fits fine, both ways. Maybe a bit too easy, but certainly symmetrical.

Perhaps the answer is to press on with the Wallaby until the pouch questions are settled, which shouldn't take long, and then work alternate days on alternate projects.

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